Make your own earrings and earring holder by Niamh

by Niamh Baly

Hi Everyone,

Today we are going out on a limb (see what I did there!!!) and creating these gorgeous Autumn earring and earring holder using the new October chipboards from Sc
rap FX. I know it is Spring in Australia, but I love the tones of Autumn, so just had to go there 🙂

To start I used the branch circles as a template and traced around them onto black card. I then found a suitable piece of paper (an old gel print I had) which I added colour to by stamping the petals and leaves stamp. I painted the chipboard gold and I sealed the paper by rubbing it with micro glaze. This is an important step as while you are not going to wear your earrings in the shower – it will protect them from rain and damp while wearing them.

I glued the chipboard, the gel printed paper and the black card (also sealed with the micro glaze) together, then made a small hole to insert the jewellery findings. I also cut some small transparent butterflies to add to the top of my earrings which I loved.

The earring holder was made using a small and sturdy cardboard box which I cut a hole small enough for the base of the skeleton tree to be inserted. I filled the box with some magic foam (forest oasis would work too). I covered the box with double sided tape, then rubbed on variegated gold leaf in Autumn colours. Finally I painted the skeleton tree black on both sides and inserted it into the hole I had already made.

To decorate the box further I stamped the petals and leaves stamp in green onto sticker paper and fussy cut around it, sticking it onto the sides of the box, then adding the chipboard quote on top. Check out the video below for the full process step by step. This is a simple project to make and would make a lovely gift for a special person in your life.

Here are the Scrap FX products I used in the project:










Please check out the Scrap FX site to find your local retailers, and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel to find lots more videos on how to use your Scrap FX products

Happy Creating



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