Let’s get Lost! – Cape York QLD

by Deb Adams

Hi All

This month the Theme for Scrap FX creativity is Travel.

I chose to feature one of the most adventurous trips

my husband & I have been on through Cape York Peninsula in Queensland.

This double Layout is packed with photos as a reminder of our Adventures.

Never again have I seen so much water…

or corrugated dirt road!

And even no roads!

Lucky my husband is a Rally Driver & I chose to be the Navigator only.

Scrap FX has such a huge range of ephemera  to really help you to tell your story.

Cheers for now      Deb

The Scrap FX products I used were:

Australia Maps

Australia Maps

Travel transparency

Travel Transparency

Butterflies transparency

Butterfly Transparency

  Queensland Theme Pack

QLD Theme Pack

 Almond Leaves

Almond Leaves

 Monstera Leaves

Monstera Leaves 

Intersections stencil

Intersections Stencil

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