Create a gel printed junk journal – by Niamh

by Niamh Baly

Hi All,

I was lucky enough to get my hands on a Scrap FX junk journal kit and I have had a ball putting it together. If you are a bookbinding novice – or just want to have a simple junk journal without having to think about collecting interesting papers – this kit is for you!!! Just warning you now – this is an image heavy post šŸ™‚ To make it easier for you, I have also filmed the process from start to finish – so just click on the link below.

I began the process by breaking out my gel press plate, some amsterdam paints and a large selection of Scrap FX stencils and masks (see images below for the ones I chose). While the papers in the kit were fantastic on their own (I particularly liked the laser cut patterns and map papers), I struggle with white pages. So I decided by colouringĀ the pages first with the gel plate, I wouldĀ have backgrounds that I could use instantly. I laid all the papers out and went to town printing, ghost printing and then reprinting over both sides of all the pages. As I mentioned before – I loved the laser cut pages as they gave me an opportunity to use them as masks and stencils on other pages when I was printing. I even rolled off the excess paint on my brayer onto the back of the transparency to colour it up too (the film strip page). Ā Once I had finished printing and the pages had dried, I broke into my Scrap FX stamp collection and again, printed over the pages using black paint this time as a contrast.

I decided in the end that I would use the large envelope included in the kit as my front cover, so I adhered two pieces of chipboard into the covers to strengthen it, I then used two of the art quotes on the front and back and applied gold texture paste through it to add a bit of bling to the cover. Finally I added the brand new collaged tabs to each page – just because I loved them – no practical reason at all.

I have decided to use this junk journal for a collection of snarky collaged paper dolls, primarily using magazines to collect the collage pieces. it is something i love doing, and I like the idea of having a common theme across this beautiful little Ā junk journal. Plus – these busy backgrounds are perfect for the dolls and they make them look more quirky.

Make sure you check out the video process and subscribe to the Scrap FX youtube channel – we have lots of great videos to inspire you ready to go. And make sure you click on the stockist page to find out where to get your hands on all the goodies listed at the end of the page.

Happy creating,



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