Life is the Greatest Adventure + Never Stop Wandering, Never Stop Wondering….By Belinda Lowe

by Belinda Lowe

Happy Happy Easter to each and every one of you

I hope the Easter Bunny found you all……………

My first layout today is one that I have created with the following Scrap FX products: Loop Fingerprint Stamp, London/New Yorl Transparency Stamps and the “Life is the Greatest Adventure” A.


Here are two close ups for you:

Here you can see the title and one of the transparency tags

And if you look close enough you can see the Loop Fingerprint stamp in white

And for my second share with you I have to admit I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried something that I have never tried before…….Image Transferring.

By no means have I perfected it or profess to know what I was doing…..but that’s what art is, somedays it works and somedays it doesn’t but you never know unless you try.

The products that I have used are the: Chevron Panel stamp and the Antiquities Transparency





And on that note……I’m going to eat Chocolate

Happy Easter

If you have any questions about any of the projects I have created contact me or comment below.

Once again i’m excited to see what YOU create with these products – don’t forget to share your layouts/projects on Scrap FX Creative Space on Facebook

Till next time……..Happy Scrapping
Bee xx

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