A Load of Inspiration by Heike`s AugenBlick

by Heike Bruhn

Hello, hello, hello…

we have here in The Netherlands a beautiful spring time.

I enjoy my garden and my second hobby gardening.

I am so grateful over our piece of heaven.

But anyway today is my turn to inspire you with my DT projects.

Lets start with the video tutorial.

Go 4 it….

I used for this layout:

Soccer Theme Pack

Boxed stamp

Maze stamp

Harlequin Stamp

Radiant Circles

Polygonic stencil

My second project is a simple postcard

with the Radiant Circles stamp and the Boxed stamp and a silhouette:

Scribble Butterfly

I also have a page for you for the special photo book (DIN4).

Which I did for my son, Joshua.

I used:

Radiant Circles Stamp

Checkerplate stamp

polygonic stencil

The silhouettes:

Blooming Butterfly Silhouette

Hip to be Square BLACK

Remember your Dreams…

Stamp with Archival Ink Deep Purple and radiant circles stamp

on water-color paper.

Stamp with Archival Ink Buttercup and the checkerplate stamp.

As you can see I stamped only with the center part of the stamp.

Scribble around the circle stamp.

Add black Gesso with a palette knife

Draw with a pen in white and a polygonic stencil on the black Gesso.

Paint three yellow circles.

Scribble with a black pen over the yellow circles.

Draw with a purple pen numbers and triangles.

Splattering with yellow paint. Glue the photo and the silhouettes on the background.

Thank you so much for watching my tutorial and for reading my post.

Until next time.





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