Art Junk Journal ….. by Cindy Porter

by Cindy Porter

Hi Scrap FX fans, thanks for joining me here. Today I’m sharing my latest created… “Art”

This is one of the new Junk Journal Kits….  Chevrons, these are fun little kits containing all sorts of materials making up the pages, including a map page, several laser cut pages, an envelope for the cover, an acetate sheet, and more…

I decorated the cover using the new Art phrase stencil, I only applied the “art” from this stencil on the cover, I used the whole stencil further on on the journal…  I also used the Paint Brushes stencil to decorate the cover, along with Grunge Alphabet stamp….

On the inside cover, I used the Number Collage Small stencil

Here you can see the full Art phrase stencil, along with with the Harlequin stamp and the Script stamp and you can see here one of the laser cut chevron pages from the kit…

this is one of the laser cut shaped pages in the kit… and behind it you can see the map page included in the kit…  I stamped the page up using the Script stamp

Another of the laser cut pages, with a honeycomb cut out…. stamped up with the Script stamp…  I used the Learning to Fly silhouette to decorate this page…

On the other side of the page, there is more of the Script stamp and the Number Collage Small stencil

Here is another of the laser cut shaped pages, this one is like an index folder…  on this page I used the laser cut chevron page to stencil the top corner… and the added the Grunge Alphabet stamp

on this page there is more of the Script stamp and the Number Collage Small stencil

the other side of one of the shaped pages, decorated with the Number Panel stamp

One of the text book pages in the kit… stamped with the Script stamp

Another laser cut page decorated with the Art Deco stencil and the Harlequin stamp

this reverse side of that page… more of the Script stamp….

Inside the back cover…. Number Collage Small stencil

On the back cover; I used the Grunge Alphabet stamp and the Brick stencil, and the Round & Round stamps, and the Scribbles stamp

and just to finish off… a few close ups…

thanks for joining me today…  these new Junk Journal Kits are so much fun….

Mine is only half done so far… but it’s been a ton of no stress creative fun…

till next time
happy creating



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