Lighting It Up in 2018

by admin

Happy New Year ScrapFX fans!! Scarlett here to share my first project of the new year and my one little word for it.

For the past couple years I have joined along with many others in choosing one little word to guide my thoughts, intentions, creativity, and more throughout the year. This year I was led to word light and I’m extremely excited to see how this word works throughout my life in 2018!

Let’s take a look at how this journal cover came together:

It is winter time in my parts so please forgive the off coloring of late night creativity step out photos. 🙂

Step One: Choose some colors of paint and apply randomly all over. I used my fingers and brushes to do this.

Step Two: Dab some paint onto the Honeycomb Stamp and pounce on to background.

Step Three: Pounce black paint through the Zebra Circles Stencil onto selected areas of background. Add glitter glue with fingers to select areas.  *Note – I cut a portion of the stencil a part to have an isolated strip.

Step Four: Paint a golden glowing area for light bulbs to sit on. Wrap wire around Light Bulb Frames tops and adhere to cover. Add star confetti to inside of bulbs. Add lettering and additional doodles using paint pens.

Here are a few close ups:

I will admit Steampunk is a tough theme for me to work with but give me all the light bulbs, LOL! I enjoy incorporating these into my work and look forward to playing with the other light bulb releases later this month.

Looking forward to playing with the Zebra Circles stencil more too!

While I may not have the whole Steampunk thing down just yet, I do enjoy the grunginess and different color palettes it inspires in my work. So, if you’re like me, and have a tough time with the Steampunk theme, I encourage you to allow it to inspire your creations in a way that moves you!

Until next time, take care!!

Products Used:

Light Bulb Frames

Zebra Circles stencil 

Honeycomb stamp

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