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Hey There ScrapFX Fans! It’s Scarlett on the blog with you today sharing an art journal page. I recently picked up a new journal and though I’ve already started creating in it, I hadn’t gotten around to doing up the cover yet. When I saw the new Dramatic Dancer stencil, I was inspired, perhaps you will be as well!


I wanted a black background with some type of metallic pattern over to start. I had fun pouncing a variety of paints through the Circle Weave stencil to create this look. I’ll admit it was hard to proceed from here and I will be replicating this in the future.

From background to finished page. I initially tried to stencil right over this background with a colored texture paste I mixed up. That didn’t work out so well. I proceeded to wipe off the paste and then smudged some white paint around with my finger in the area I wanted my image. My idea of beautiful is imperfect. To represent this I really blobbed the paint on my pouncing brush and smooshed it through the stencil without much care for seepage. I rather like the flowy abstract look it created.

Here you can see the new Beautiful Rose chippie. I had other intentions for this at first but when I was pondering what wording to put with this, it seemed to work. The ease of shaping this delicate piece in to an arch made me a bit giddy. It really is a wonderful thing when things work out the way you see them in your head.

I had my creative heart set on this dancer having some type of texture to make her stand out a bit. In order to give her a more grunged up type look I simply blasted the wet paint with my heat gun. It bubbles paint up nicely and it is kind of fun to watch the unexpected results pop up.

Thanks for stopping by today! Take good care.

Products Used:

Beautiful Rose

Dramatic Dancer Stencil

Circle Weave Stencil

Seeing Stars

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