Home Is…

by Scarlett Salamone

Hey Y’all! Today I have a canvas to share featuring a portion of what home has come to mean for me.

Home Is Where The Flerd Is…

My flerd has a huge chunk of my heart and provide endless blessings to my family, the greatest being love. This little flerd of mine consists of sheep, goats, and a Jersey heifer and I adore capturing them out in the field on gorgeous evenings like the one in the photo.



This canvas base is wooden and can I tell you how lovely wooden canvases are to work on?? I enjoy the firm background to apply more varied techniques to. This project started by adhering some patterned paper to the background with gel medium. I then used some stamps I carved, using the clouds from the Clouds & Raindrops stencil (2012169) as a template to make them, and stamped them about with paint. I then used the actual stencil to add a couple dimensional clouds with paste and added some glass glitter to them before they dried. From there I added some contrast to all the color going on by stamping with the Gum Tree stamp (2016020) using black gesso. The rich color of black gesso can’t be beat and the little bit of tooth you get from using it is a nice bonus!


The Two Storey House Frame was released at the just right time to scrap one of my favorite photos. It is the perfect piece to highlight a slice of home life. To alter this I simply added paint on selected portions of the house and tucked my photo in it. I have found stiffer brushes work wonderfully for painting chippies because I can maintain a bit more control. Paint pens are also a go to for me.


After I had all my foundation papers layered up along with the house I saw this cutie sun staring at me in my pile of chippies and thought it would be an adorable piece to add. It simply makes me smile. I painted the inner portion with some watered down paint and added color to the cheeks and lips. To finish off the piece I had to use some homemade glitter glue because sparkle and shimmer on my projects is kind of a must. 😉


To finish off this piece it seemed fitting to continue on with the nature type theme and create some leaves and flowers to bring in other patterns/colors and a bit of whimsy to add with the scene. I used the Leaves A Simple stamp (2013344) with black ink and fussy cut them out. The flowers were created with a stamp/die duo. Little sprinklings of beads and sequins for some texture, a few additional stickers, and it was a wrap.

I hope you enjoyed today’s project, I’m pretty chuffed its already hung up on a wall in our house! Do you enjoy creating scenes with your ScrapFX products? Feel free to share your projects on our Facebook page. I’d love to see them.

Until next time, take care! 🙂 Scarlett

Products Used:

Leaves A Simple, stamp

Clouds & Raindrops stencil

Random Dots stencil

Smiling Sun

Two Storey House Frame

Gum Tree stamp

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