Adventure awaits & Wanderlust – by Amelie

by admin

Hello Scrap Fx fans! Amélie with you today for presenting you my last 2 creations of August.

First of all, Adventure Awaits. This summer we took a small zodiac to visit the island which is right in front of our town. It’s a whole different view of the city, it’s beautiful. In addition, we were able to see the archaeological excavations taking place at the moment, some very interesting things!

Scrap Fx products:

Adventure theme pack

Surf waves

Mercator flourish

And my second creation, Wanderlust. Always on the island, we set out on the adventure, discovering beautiful trails, we saw an old wreck of boat sank for several decades. We hoped to see one of the 4 moose that lives on the island, but Clara speaks so loud, we did not even see any birds !!!!

Scrap Fx products:

Forest Frame

Wanderlust Arrow

Adventure theme pack

Thank you for stopping by!!

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