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Hi there everyone! How are you doing? Just some days and it’s Christmas, can you believe? I thought to do something a bit different than Holiday projects for this post and created two projects to celebrate the past year.

It has been an amazing year with a lot happening in my life. I’ve changed job, I’ve traveled to keep workshops and I’ve made new friends, met new wonderful people and had a marvelous time all together. I want to take the opportunity to thank you all also for this year. With the changes happening in my personal life, I’m stepping down from the Scrap FX regular team and this is my last monthly post. I’m gonna share a couple of projects next year, too, so we won’t be strangers right away, I hope.


My first project is a layout celebrating the year. The photo is my workshop sample from the UK courses and the journaling is about how wonderful the year has been but also at the same time full of changes. Really looking forward to 2017!

I wanted to give the layout a atmosphere of days passed so I used a neutral color scheme and left most of the chipboard shapes untreated. I also used tea as a colorant while making the background.


I used a couple of stamps and a couple of stencils in the background. I stamped some diamond shapes and some gears to the background using same brown ink. The gears are stamped with “Cogs” and the diamonds with “Harlequin” stamp. With the “House and Home” stamp I used black ink.

The brushes are drawn using the “Paint Brushes” stencil to the right side of the photo cluster and the small dots or circles are done using the “Random Dots” stencil which is one of my all time favorites! It’s so versatile!


The embellishments in the page mimic the vintage or industrial feel. There’s three different gears or machine parts in the page – the “Clockface gears/steampunk”, the “Art Deco Design” and also a couple of gears from the “Cogs, micro” set. On top of one of the gears is the year 2016 – one of many from the “2016 Year Pack” set. The title is made using one of the words from the “#Happy” set. As the paper collection I was using had a pen nib pattern, I also added a chippie pen nib in my page. It’s from the “Sentiment Pen Nibs” set.


Materials from Scrap FX:

2016259 – House and Home stamp

2016181 – Paint Brushes stencil

2016165 – #Happy

2016154 – Sentiment Pen Nibs

2016124 – Art Deco Design

2016019 – 2016 Year Pack

2014380 – Harlequin stamp

2013284 – Cogs stamp

2013172 – Random Dots stencil

2012335 – Cogs micro

2012051 – Film Strips, 5

2011055 – Clockface, gears / steampunk


My other project is an altered measuring stick. The item itself is from my last workplace and it also symbolizes how time goes by, how time can be measured, how there’s several notches in the measuring stick like events and important dates in the year.


I arranged the embellishments so that the end result is kind of a sword as well. Although I must be hones and noticed that later on – when creating I just arranged the items so that the whole project was looking good. The “heart” of the design is a Prima plaster heart. On top of it I arranged a frame from the “Book Plates, small” set and also year chippie from “2016 Year Pack”.

Underneath the heart there’s two “Flourish 19 Wing” making kind of wings to the stick. The actual wings in the project, located underneath the heart are cut from the “Soaring Bird”. There’s also a few scattered hearts from the “Lots of Love” set here and there and a key from the “Bunch of Keys” set.


With these two projects I want to thank you for everything, the past year and the wonderful time I have had here in the Scrap FX blog. Thank you also Jill, Michelle and team mates for the wonderful Scrap experience and great products! Wishing you all a stunning, happy, glorious 2017!


Materials from Scrap FX:

2016328 – Flourish 19 Wing

2016297 – Soaring Bird

2016019 – 2016 Year Pack

2014197 – Lots of Love

2011167 – Book Plates, small

2010135 – Bunch of Keys


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  1. Stunning as always Riikka.