“Snow feathers” – a set of ATCs with a video by Riikka

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Hi there! It’s Riikka here today sharing a set of ATCs with you. I went with an icy, cold feel and created a set of winter themed ATCs. This time I recorded a video also in case you want to see how the cards came into being.


I used a transparency as my card base in these ones. The transparency I used, “Vocational”, is so patterned, though, that not much is seen through it. But it gives the cards a fun, a bit of “out of the ordinary” look as I didn’t use paper. I’ve also done some see-through versions during an Artists Live show some time back. If you want to see how those were created and how they turned out, please see this video (link).

To get the icy feeling to my cards I used different pale colored mediums and created a snow paste of my own. There’s acrylics, embossing powders, gesso and snow paste in these cards. The main embellishments are the “Ostrich Feathers” but I also used some stars and hashtag words in my cards. The rounded feathers seemed to fit to my snow theme well as they are so soft looking. Please see the materials list for the product info.

Thank you for stopping by today! See you again later this month when I’m playing with the new release!


Materials from Scrap FX:

2016257 – Vocational Transparency┬á

2016134 – Ostrich Feathers

2014238 – Seeing Stars

2016258 – #French

2016043 – #girlstuff

2015204 – Star Border stamp

2013343 – Build a Flower stamp

2016148 – Art Deco stencil

2013172 – Random Dots stencil

2014197 – Lots of Love




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