Two Playtime Fun Layouts by Riikka

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Hi there Scrap FX fan! It’s Riikka here to share a couple of layouts with you using the latest collection with different trades. The other page is about the love of machines and the other one about a young scientist.


For the layout on top I documented some step photos while I was working on the page.

Like in all my pages I started by making a mixed media inspired background. For this piece I used washi tape, the “House and Home” stamp and the “Brick” stencil. The words are stamped using Archival Ink and the bricks are made with Modeling Paste.

Next I added some mist on top and then made the paper layers behind the photo. I also attached a film strip to the page with staples.

Next it was time to attach some of the embellishments. I embossed the crane, the semi-trailer and the dozer with yellow embossing powder and added them to the page. I also added a word sticker on top of the film strip.

Then it was time to finish the page with some more embellishments and details. I added one of the words from the “#French” set to the upper left corner, the title on top of the film strip and a couple of stickers here and there. I also added a flair button and a couple of stars to the page.


The topic is my daughters’s love for heavy machinery. Even they both like their princess dresses and glitter, both have been intrigued from an early age with cranes, trucks and tractors. I could have done the page from either of my daughters, but I chose to go with my younger one as she’s more into gadgets of all sorts.


Materials from Scrap FX:

2016259 – House and Home stamp

2016260 – Brick stencil

2011151 – Film Strips

2016237 – Crane and Bobcat

2016236 – Cement Mixer and Semi-Trailer

2016235 – Backhoe and Dozer 

2016258 – #French

2014238 – Seeing Stars


With this other page I did something special – and used a white cardstock as the background instead of a patterned paper. But I still carried on with quite similar steps like in the first page – first build a mixed media background, then added my photo and layered papers and then the embellishments.


For this page I started by adding some watercolors to the cardstock. On top I then stamped the words using the “House and Home” stamp and watersoluble oil pastels. On top I then created a pattern using the “Art Deco” stencil and Modeling Paste. After it had dried I then added my layered papers and photo. I mixed a piece from the “Vocational” transparency in the layers also.

I used the “Scientist” chippie as my main title but added a word from the “#French” set in there as well. The embelishments include a light bulb from the “Light Bulbs” set and some “Microbes”, all colored black. As the finishing touch I added some doodled circles here and there using the “Random Dots” stencil as my guide.


Where the first page was about my younger, I made the other page about my older daughter. Like in the first page, I could have done this page about both of them, but they are very different scientist types, my girls. Where as my younger is more hands on (“I wonder what will happen if I push this”), my older is more of a philosopher and physicist (“I probably will figure out what will happen if that is pushed if I ponder it for a while”). One of her favorite things to ask and think about when she was younger was how rain and thunder works, that’s why I chose to go with that picture.


Materials from Scrap FX:

2016259 – House and Home stamp

2016148 – Art Deco stencil

2016257 – Vocational Transparency

2016243 – Scientist

2012333 – Light Bulbs

2016035 – Microbes

2016258 – #French

2013172 – Random Dots stencil


Thank you for your visit today! Wishing you a lovely day!

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