Vintage Meets Modern – Two layouts by Riikka

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Hi there! It’s Riikka from Paperiliitin here sharing two pages with you. The other one is sweet, romantic with a touch of vintage in it and other one blue and more modern. Both are done using mainly the new collection.

Let’s start with the vintage styled one. The photo on the page is of my daughter who sat by the window of my mother-in-law’s summer cabin just minutes after we had arrived to the place. The light was perfect and luckily I had my camera nearby so I managed to capture the fleeting moment before it was gone. Somehow her pose and the light from the window reminded me about a poet or a painter. To tell you the truth, she was actually sketching and drawing the scenery.


I wanted to make a soft page out of the photo which actually captures something quite essential of my older one. I chose to go with a tiny rose patterned paper which has the air of days gone by and some tea stains, too. I continued the soft look with the chipboards I chose to use but also with the flowers. A touch of earth is also added to the page as I added some acorn hats in there as well.


The background of the page is done using the “Squared” stamp and the “Art Deco” stencil. I also added some watercolor in there to continue the dyed look. The main composition of the page is done by adding the “Art Deco Flourish” to the side of the photo while the “Art Deco Border” decorates the other side. I’ve also included one letter from the “Art Deco Alphabet” set to my page from the new collection.

There’s also the birds from the “Ornate Clock” in there as  well as a flower, a butterfly and the bow from past collections – can you spot them all? All the chippies are left in their original color but the harsh black birds got some white color on them to make them a little grayish.


Materials from Scrap FX:

2016145 Squared Stamp

2016148 Art Deco Stencil

2016126L Art Deco Flourish Large

2016125 Art Deco Border

2016140 Art Deco Alphabet

2006192 Funky Flower Buttons

2008157 Butterflies, mixed

2015101 Ornate Clock Large

2015079 Ribbon Adornments


Where the first page was with touches of vintage and romance, the other one is more modern and with cooler colors. There’s some browns in it as well, but the air is totally different.


I think I have done several pages about Egersund already but that town really was quite extraordinary. The weather was great when we drove there from the airport and the town itself was like from a fairy tale, like the title says. Between workshops I was running up the hill and took a few quick photos before heading back to be ready for the students. Luckily Brit actually said to me the very first day that previous teachers were doing that also, so I didn’t feel too weird with these short spurs to see the town.


As you may notice, the background treatment in this page is quite similar to the one I did for the other page as well. The shape is different but I used the same stamp and the same stencil in this layout also than in the previous page. The painty touches on top of the modeling paste are done using again watercolors.


Where as I left the chippies untouched in the first page in here I treated some of them. The feathers are double embossed – first a layer of white then another layer of white with sprinkled pale blue powder here and there. I quite like the look that created!

The chippies also include two swirls from the “Bulrush Embellishments”, one piece from the “Retro Technology” set and also letters E and S from the “Art Deco Alphabet” set. They stand for EgerSund.

Thank you for your visit today!


Materials from Scrap FX:

2016145 Squared Stamp

2016148 Art Deco Stencil

2016138 Bulrush Embellishments

2016134 Ostrich Feathers

2016142 Retro Technology

2016140 Art Deco Alphabet

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  1. Elaine Byrne says:

    Stunning layouts, Riikka. Love the photo of your daughter by the window. In fact, I love everything about the layouts 🙂

  2. love love love and love sweety Riikka