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Hello there! Today’s Riikka here to share a pink page with you! It’s about a tradition we have or actually a tradition that my daughter’s have gotten accustomed to. Let me explain.

When my daughters turned three, I sewed them princess dresses and let them participate in the designing part by choosing the color and some details. These first dresses were 18th century styled just on top of my head. (You can see the very first dress here in my blog if you are interested (link).) When then my other daughter turned four she wanted Aurora dress (from Sleeping Beauty). And then the requests just kept coming.

So now every year near their birthday they let me know what dress they would like to have and then it’s pattern drawing time for mommy! The last one I did for my older one’s 7th birthday was an easy one as she wanted Merida dress but the one my younger one asked for her 5th one was the toughest one yet – she wanted an Elsa costume! Luckily I had some skin colored mesh tricot fabric in my stash!


As the photo is taken from a pink dress I wanted to make a sweet page and use pink on it. I started the background with some stamping and then continued experimenting with stencils and watercolors. If you want to see how the page came into being, please watch the video below!

Thank you for your visit! Please see the list underneath to find out which Scrap FX goodies I used in the making of this page!

Scrap FX products used:

2013343 Build a Flower stamp

2015295 Botanical Stencil

2015085 Circular Shawl Stencil

2008080 Buttons – round

2015365 Metal FindingsĀ 

2015244 Circle Star Stencil


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