Hubsie layouts by Riikka

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Hello there! It’s Riikka here today to share two pages with the new release chipboards and other products! I also recorded a little video while working on the other page so I hope I’ll inspire you with this post!


Both of the pages have my husband in them, that’s why I’m calling them “hubsie” layouts. This first one is about conversations while driving. I don’t know why but some of the best conversations we’ve had is in a car. The kids usually sleep during the longer drives so that leaves just the two of us awake and it’s really fun to talk about philosophy or music or arts or anything along the way.


I started the page by stamping a panel of numbers to the page. For that I used the “Number Panel” stamp and acrylic paints. On top I added a few mist touches using the “Grunge” stencil and then added another kind of numbers using the “Number” stamp. I also drew some triangles in there with a pencil. The embellishments include chippies from the new collection, like the “Ring of Arrows” on top of the photo.


 Materials from Scrap FX:

2015170 Grunge Stencil

2015171 Triangles Stencil

2015166 Number Panel Stamp

2015168 Chevron Feathers Stamp

2014380 Harlequin Stamp

2014017 Numbers Stamp

2015147 Hip To Be Square

2015160 Take Aim

2015161 Ring of Arrows


If you have watched my videos before, you’ve heard my husband’s music. He’s my court composer and all the music in my videos is by him. So I decided to make a page about that – he being my musician. He has a day job but his passion is music. He’s now about to have his second CD released so the page is kind of celebrating that, too.


I used a photo of my hubby and our younger daughter in the page. In the photo he’s helping her to play a guitar he built for them. It’s a miniature version of the “normal” sized instrument so it’s easier for the kids to play.

I shot a video while working on the page. I actually had an oopsie in the making but thought to leave it in there as to show how I went around the mistake. I was inking the stamp with black Archival Ink when the stamp slipped from my fingers and landed on the layout, of course the inked side down. It left a ghostly like impression on the paper so I had to add similar kinds of impressions to other places too. But I guess from the finished page you couldn’t tell which was which.

Oh, if you are wondering what’s the white paper among the paper layers – it’s a map how to add the cables in a gig my husband made for himself. He wanted certain instruments to go via distortion and wondered how to rig it so he drew a map for himself. Of course, I wanted the finished piece for my page when he didn’t use it anymore.


Thank you for your visit today! Until next time! I have a hunch then it’ll be more projects connected to music!


 Materials from Scrap FX:

2015172 Words of Wisdom Stencil

2015170 Grunge Stencil

2015171 Triangles Stencil

2015169 Circles and Lines Stamp

2015144 Chevron Panel

2015145 Chevron Bits

2015161 Ring of Arrows

2015082 Facts to Remember 

2014238 Seeing Stars


6 Responses to “Hubsie layouts by Riikka”

  1. Love great masculine pages, and these both fit the bill perfectly! Both projects are so meaningful and I adore the special story behind each one, a great reminder of why all of us started this “hobby”/obsession of scrapbooking in the first place!
    Knowing that your hubby is the music behind all your videos, I will always listen more attentively instead of just admiring your creative process!
    Thanks so very much for sharing. xx

  2. Elodie Goossens says:

    Wow ! I love your pages ! Thanks for the videos 🙂

  3. Wow wow wow wow wow wow I don’t have aany Wow for this TFS Riikka I love your work Again lol

  4. Bec Genet says:

    Stunning pages Riikka, they are both amazing and the video was wonderful to watch also!

  5. Thank you so much for your lovely, heart warming comments 🙂

  6. Two beautiful pages, Riikka. And, the video was wonderful.