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 Hi it’s Bec here today with two steampunk creations for you. I have to admit that when I found out that this month was all about steampunk I did have a mini panic attack, I’ve never made anything steampunk before – but I like a challenge and once I saw how gorgeous the new chipboard pieces were I knew I had to try and make something great with them. This is what I came up with………

Altered Dragonfly Cage

P1010750 cropped

Here’s how I put it together. I found this white cage in a bargain shop for $4.50 (I think it’s meant to go with candles??) and I painted it with black gesso. These are the Scrap FX Chipboard pieces I used (mini feathers not shown).

   P1010704 cropped P1010707 cropped

I cut and arranged the chipboard pieces Steampunk Feather Collage, Steampunk WhimsySteampunk Barbed Wire Collage and Propellers in the shape of a dragonfly. I secured the chipboard to the cage using jewellery wire. Then I added on the Mini Flying Wings, Mini Feathers, Cogs, mini, Cogs and rest of the Propellers as well as some flowers to the cage.

   P1010730 croppedP1010734 cropped

I also added on some metal embellishments before I sprayed the whole thing in a mix of brown, blue and teal sprays. I finished off by rubbing some Inka-Gold in gold over the whole thing to give it a pretty golden shine and finally some rhinestones and pearls.

 P1010738 cropped P1010746 cropped

Here are my close ups

P1010753 cropped

P1010756 cropped


P1010763 cropped

P1010768 cropped

P1010770 cropped


Scrap FX Products Used:

Cogs 2007184

Cogs, mini 2011007

Mini Feathers 2013233

Mini Flying Wings 2013232

Propellers 2014371

Steampunk Barbed Wire Collage 2014365

Steampunk Feather Collage 2014364

Steampunk Whimsy 2014366


Steampunk Canvas

I loved this new Steampunk Dress Form as soon as I saw it, and I knew the new Steampunk Wings would go perfectly with this dress form. I thought my dress form could use a stand so I used the bottom half of a Lamp Post B Lantern. Around the edges I layered up a mix of chipboard, metal trinkets and glass beads. On the Background I’ve used the new Grungy Wing Stencil with modeling paste, then I painted and sprayed to get the colours I wanted before I rubbed some Inka-gold in Gold on top. Finally a added a few rhinestones and pearls, no flowers though – I think this is my first flower free project in forever 🙂

P1010880 cropped 2

P1010885 cropped

P1010893 cropped

                 P1010897 cropped

P1010900 cropped

Scrap FX products used:

Steampunk Dress Form 2014356

Steampunk Wing left 2014369L

Steampunk Wing right 2014369R

Lamp Post B Lantern 2013236

Mini Flying Wings 2013232

Mini Feathers 2013233

Cogs, Mini 2011007

Cogs 2007184

Chain Corner Collage 2014367

Grungy Wing Stencil 2014382

Hope you enjoyed my steampunk creations today.

4 Responses to “Steampunk Off The Page”

  1. Inspirational projects ! love the mixed media feeling, colouring the chipboards and creativity is fantastic !!!

  2. Beautiful projects!

  3. Just sensational projects Bec thanks for letting us in on how it looked before and after! Awesome!!

  4. So inspirational proyects!!!
    The Canvas is AWESOME !!!
    And the first proyect…..LOVE it!!!!! Really!gorgeus!!!