It’s Our Time Shine! – Group Post Part 1

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Hey There ScrapFX Peeps!  Hope you’ve been enjoying all the new designers being introduced and of course it’s super fab to have many faces staying on board as well. The blog has been rockin’ with oodles of inspiration and since our team has grown guess what?  You’ll now get the benefit of two group posts per month – whoop! whoop!! 🙂

This month it was decided it’d be fun to showcase the team’s styles and/or favorite techniques on any type of project.  Lots of spectacular creations came to my inbox, so love that I get sneak peeks, and I can’t wait to share them with you all so let’s get started.



Alz has taken us to a warm, summery day on the beach, which I for one am longing for here in the US – ha!  Her background work is really what sets the stage with all the beautiful watercolor work intermixed with some stamping.  Then Alz builds on that with some luscious texture.  Some of it is subtle, reminding me of little water bubbles created by sea foam and other is more bold and colorful, reminiscent of gritty sand texture don’t you think?  The overall design of this page is also very cleverly designed if you look closely you’ll notice it all follows a circular pattern even though triangles are a key element. Pretty neat.

Eyre - details for blog

Here we can see all the magnificent little details Alz puts in to her work better.  Starting with the top photo, I really am quite smitten with how she worked her title orientation in to the background with her alteration of the Bag of Letters mini (2014051) pieces. They stand out yet blend in brilliantly and the pop of orange on the Arrows, Fancy (2012374) piece is a lovely contrast.  Moving clockwise to the photo with the Beach Grass (2011307) piece in it, I will say that this is a great use not only of this piece as a corner highlight, but of white to break up all the color Alz had going on.  I think a lot of people tend to use black as their go to contrast color but forget that white can be just as handy and useful for this purpose!!  In the last photo, I’m so glad we get a peek at how Alz attached her vellum journaling, aren’t you?  Vellum is tricky business and one mustn’t be afraid to staple it down, LOL.  It’s so hard to find a good adhesive for it, especially when going over texture, so staples are a terrific alternative.

Products Used

1.8m Chipboard 12 x 12″ (2013409)

2014 Year Pack (2014333)

Arrows, Fancy (2012374)

Bag of Letters mini (2014051)

Beach Grass (2011307)



Arantzazu has kicked off her first group post with a bang by diving in with an altered Shadow Box Rectangular, small (2012050).  Isn’t it divine?  The texture on the outside of the box with it’s soft turquoise, cream, and gold color combo is a wonderful compliment and contrast to the rich hues she has created inside.  It’s like Alz says above “a breath a fresh air” for the eyes. 😉  The gold pop  of the Celebrate Good Times (2014349) wordlet along the side paired with the trickling of golden leaves is also a very clever design element.  This really leads the viewer’s eyes from top to bottom of her piece and allows every little bit of goodness Arantzazu has added to be taken in.


Here you can see some of those marvelous little details up close better.  Ooo la la, right??!  I mean check out that Steampunk Fob Watch (2013371).  Arantzazu has altered it up so beautifully with a mix of grunge and color that balances out so amazingly well, I just love it. The addition of the chain at the top is such a cool touch as well.  It’s alsways simple little things like that that really make a big impact!  As you can tell, Arantzazu is fantabulous at adding in details and then going the the extra mile by making those details even more spectacular by giving them special little touches.  Just check out all her little flowers.  Each are tucked in here, there, and everywhere with such care and then also have some gold finishing touches to blend in with the piece as a whole. I also spy some gold mica flakes, one of my favorite mediums, on the background of the shadow box.  If you haven’t tried these out I truly suggest you do.  They are so handy in adding some finishing details and giving projects that extra oomph, like Arantzazu has done here.

Before I go I’d like to share with you the meaning behind this project from Arantzazu:

“It symbolizes we symbolizes we must seize every good time with family, friends…”

Ahh yes, I couldn’t agree more.

Products Used

Shadow Box Rectangular, small (2012050)

Steampunk Fob Watch (2013371)

Celebrate Good Times (2014349)



Ahh, Miss Marta has brought us one of her magnificent art journal spreads.  She used an old book to create this in, she was very funny in pointing out to me it’s upside down, LOL, and this goes to prove you don’t need fancy supplies to get started in art journaling.  Just head on down to your local thrift store, grab an old book, and you’re good to go!  Now let’s talk about this amazing set of pages.  Marta started off by creating some texture using one of the newest stencils to the ScrapFX store, Number Party Stencil (2014342).  What is really cool about this stencil is how you get both the advantage of a geometric pattern and a number pattern together.  Talk about some bang for your buck. 😉  From this image you can see how Marta covered the majority of her pages with this texture but in the end she only played up a bit of the texture with color by spraying with some Lindy’s Stamp Gang mists.  To enhance her title for the spread, Marta very cleverly placed some stamping under it in bold black ink using a portion of the Flourish Swirl Stamp (2014341).  This was such a terrific use not only of the flourish stamp but of stamping in general.  It provided some additional visual interest to the page, a nice pop of bold black color, and helped balanced her upper corner embellishments on the right side of the spread.


Here you can see that upper right hand corner I was referring to a wee bit better.  Love how Marta chose to use the Crazy Circles (2014330) here.  They are such a fun piece to begin with but truly compliment the stencil she’s worked with so delightfully. You can also see how spectacular the texture Marta has created really is and the mist really sinks in to all the nooks and crannies.  Don’t you just dig that??  I think it’s one of my favorite parts of mixed media.  You just never know how exactly the outcome will be, but it sure is pretty – ha!

Products Used

Crazy Circles (2014330)

Number Party Stencil (2014342)

Flourish Swirl Stamp (2014341)

Capture the Moment mini (2014346)



For my project I also went with an art journal page of sorts that I plan of stapling in my homesteading journal as a fun insert to remind me of my first summer as a farmer.  To start off this page I created a rainbow background using my Dylusions sprays.  I only used three base colors to create this and allowed the blending of my mists to do the rest of the rainbow magic for me.  Once the mists were dried I used the Flower Pattern Stencil, small (2012155) with black paint to give the background some pattern.  I first used it on a different background, pushing the paint through it and then turned the stencil over to rub the extra paint off it onto this background.  Does that make sense?


From there I added my pictures, embellishments, and most importantly chippies 😉 to finish of the page.  I cut apart the Feeding the Animals (2014307) to help it fit withing my page limits.  I also stamped on the word animals with the Chicken Wire stamp (2013382) to give it a bit more interest because as I’ve said before, what’s a farm page without a bit of chicken wire, right?  The last piece I had to add was one of the Mini Clouds (2013121) jazzed up with just a touch of glitter glue.  These are the perfect little accent to just about any project and of course since I’m totally smitten with clouds my projects often have them sprinkled here and there.  Oh and I almost forgot the stars!  Geesh how can I forget the cuties lil’ stars!!  They blend so well with the other sequins it’s easy not to even think of them as chippies but, yup, those golden gems sure are!  Be sure to nab yourself some of those Seeing Stars (2014238).  I know I’ll need to replenish soon since they are super handy.

Products Used

Seeing Stars (2014238)

Mini Clouds (2013121)

Feeding the Animals (2014307)

Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382)

Flower Pattern Stencil, small (2012155)



Song has created a page that is indeed Picture Perfect. 😉  She has created a mixed media playground for her kitty to sit upon and it is pure bliss to look at.  All of her wonderful layers just splendid starting with the paper strips and color foundation to the bits of granulated textured created by what appears to be microbeads.  Song also used the Maze Stencil (2012351) to help achieve some of this magnificent texture and I adore how everything just meshes together so beautifully as a whole, don’t you?  With this fantabulous foundation built Song was able to start building up with embellishments and chippies.  Notice how she masterfully tucked and layered up all her bits and pieces amongst each and mixed in some additional paper bits as well.  It really helped her design stay cohesive and concise with such a lovely amount of white space left.  I, for one, struggle with this, but she has done it so well!  I also love her choice of te black and white photos here.  They really pop amongst all the color.


Here you can see some of the chippies Song chose to use closer.  The variation of color she has added to alter them up really is so lovely and helps them blend right into the background.  I’m also thinking she may have used some gesso or other similar medium to hep attach them to the page to help further blend them in.  This is such a great technique to assist in creating a nice flow to your mixed media pages, especially when layering up like this.  The additional attention to details also really makes Song’s work standout.  Adding in the microbeads over the chippies, the layering of her flowers, the little glittery circles all play in to making her overall page a gorgeous feast for the eyes.  And of course you can’t forget the true star of the show – the kitty of course!! 🙂

Products Used

Number Crunch (2014238)

Crazy Circles (2014330)

Picture Perfect (2014353)

Maze Stencil (2012351)

There you have it folks, our first group post with part of the new design team!!  I hope you are as wowed as I was when I saw my inbox.  There are many great things to come, so be sure to stay tuned as the blog will be updated almost daily from here on out and you don’t want to miss a thing.  We also love hearing from you so be sure to let us know you were here and if you have projects of your own pop on by our Facebook page and share them with us.  We’d love to see what you’re working on!

Until next time, take care!!

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