Step by Step with Claire

by admin

      Dear readers,

Claire here to guide you step by step through a layout in the making.

I hope you’ll like it.

First, on a white cardstock, spray generously over you favourite stencil.

I here used the Numbers Collage stencil.


 Quickly after spraying and before the ink dries, remove your stencil and flip it over on another sheet of white cardstock.

Press gently for the ink to print on the paper.


Again, remove carefully your stencil and let your paper dry.

Here’s the result.

We will use the second cardstock as a background paper, but you can obviously keep the first one for another layout.


You can see that the edges of my stencil aren’t well printed but that’s okay.

Next step: pick your favorite brush and watercolour paint and outline the shapes like this:


If your printed pattern is a little pale on the edges like mine, just don’t outline it, that’s fine.

I used two colours. Here’s the final result:


Your background is finished. You can now place your papers and pictures…


…….and your embellishments.

I used pièces of the Word Set A Today.



And there you go! Your design is finished!


I hope it inspired you. Don’t hesitate to comment with a link to your design, I’ll be happy to admire it 🙂


Item used:

Word Set A Today,

Numbers Collage stencil.





One Response to “Step by Step with Claire”

  1. Marta Lapkowska says:

    Claire, great technique. I never use stencils like this but I think I should give a try. Love how your creation turned out. Beautiful xx