Getting Down with Project Life and a Tutorial

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Hey There Everyone!  Scarlett with you today sharing up some Project Life haps.  I’ll be honest with you all and say I’m behind a bit in my documenting but I have no worries in this!  The method to my PL madness is all about low-key, stress free, playful fun.  Whether you’re already documenting or still pondering this crazy thing called Project Life, I’m here to share a bit behind why I’m down with it and think you should be too. 🙂


Take this spread for example.  I had a ton fun creating three original pocket cards using mixed media techniques and oodles of ScrapFX goodies, managed to document a couple photos, and share some thoughts I think are important on the upper left hand card.  You see everyone does the whole PL thing for different reasons and that is what makes it so cool. In my opinion, I think people should consider it wide open for interpretation (and starting) for various reasons like the following:

– do it because you love to create!  Sometimes a small little pocket card is all I can get to in one day, but I still create.

 – do it because you want all those little moments captured.  I wouldn’t necessarily scrap my first LO of the year, or blurry photos on a regular page, but in my PL album anything goes.  It feels more free.

– do it because perhaps those around you might grab this ‘snapshot’ type album more readily than your bigger scrappy ones.  I know my family does and they love it!!

– do it because its a tremendous stash buster.  Mmhhmmm.  You know you got that hoard of stuff – this is a great spot to use it up.

– do it to try new things.  I can’t tell you how many new mixed media techniques I’ve tried on my PL background cards.  Its the perfect little space to work with and if its not that pretty – whelp, I can always cover it up. 😉


I know there are many who still won’t jump on the bandwagon – and really I’m not here to coax you, though I do sound like it.  I just thought I’d share a bit of the passion I have for why I do this.  The above listed reasons are truly what drew me in.  I was ever thinking to myself ‘I want to create something everyday’ – that sound familiar??  Then I would feel a tad silly accumulating zillions of tags or ATCs because these were small things I could whip out and have fun playing on.  This was the perfect balance for me to strike where I could be free to play and get some more ‘practical’ use out of the outcome.  Now I have this adorable little album going and it gives me the best of both worlds.

So how about a tutorial??  What is great is the following background tut isn’t just geared toward Project Lifers.  Anyone looking for ways on how to incorporate some of the magnificent ScrapFX stamps and stencils in to their work hopefully find this helpful. 🙂


Step One: Grab a Kraft Card, large (2013335 KL) and adhere some torn patterned paper pieces to it using gel medium.  Once gel medium is dry, brush on some gesso to cover areas of card without patterned paper.  Lightly go over certain parts of the patterned paper as well.


Step Two: Add color to the card using watercolors and some mist.  * I brushed on the mist and treated it like a watercolor by adding extra water along the way to allow it to flow more freely.


Step Three: Add stamping for interest to the background using the Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382). * Instead of using black as a contrasting color for background stamping, try using a darker shade of colors already present.  Here I used a deep shade of purple/magenta.  Other colors to try: navy, emerald, deep oranges, burnt sienna, etc.


Step Four: Highlight meaningful text on patterned paper (if using text patterned paper) with a black pen.  Add dots with modeling paste using the Random Dots Stencil (2013172).  Set aside to dry.


Step Five: Highlight some circles using NeoColors II (or another coloring medium) and use a waterbrush to blend to color a bit.  This will give it a smudgy appearance.


Step Six: Cut apart the card to create two pieces.  Mine are measured 2.25 x 3.25.  Did you gasp at me cutting it apart?? haha! *This portion of the tutorial specifically applies to the pocket cards I created.  Feel free to keep your card or background in tact.  If you do cut your card apart, make sure you keep those extra bits!!  They’ll come in handy for later projects. 😉

Spray chipboard pieces with black mist and outline with a white gel pen to make them pop.  Adhere chipboard, with a bit of torn netting behind it, to card with mini staples.


Step Seven: Adhere mini cards to larger made up bases.  Here I’ve used patterned paper, some pre-made pocket cards, and then mini envelopes.  I adhered numerous photos (10 total – 5 on each side) to some cut off ScrapFX tags with a mini staple and then went over it with washi tape. These tags slid perfectly in to the bags and were a fantbulous way for me to get all these photos into my album in a fun way.  *This would also work spectacularly on a LO, right?? Got you thinking now don’t I?

Here is a look at the completed page one more time:


The bottom card was made in a similar manner – just used a few different stamps and items.  This goes to show that you don’t necessarily need to keep up with an art journal to have one going on.  This spread really reminds me of what I do create in my art journals (when I actually get them out – ha!) and I love how it has carried over to some life documenting.

I do hope this post inspires you to keep looking at PL and pocket pages in new ways.  You don’t have to get down like me, just do your own thing and make it work for you.  I bet you’ll find you love it!!  If you are out there doing PL be sure you check out the oodles of goodies ScrapFX has created with this type of creating specifically in mind.  So many fab mini items, tags, cards, stencil patterns, stamps, and more await!

I’d also love to see what you have going on with ScrapFX and PL so feel free to share it up on the Facebook page.

Until next time, Happy Documenting!!

Products Used

Urban Stencil (2012348)

Star Confetti Stencil (2013189)

Arrows Stencil, small (2012379)

Paw Prints Stencil (2013177)

Arrows, plain (2012375)

Numbers Stamp (2014017)

Word Set C Documented (2013330)

Tags, mixed white (2012042 W)

Word Set B Pictures (2013329)

Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382)

Random Dots Stencil (2013172)

Kraft Cards, large (2013335 KL)

Kraft Cards, small (2013334 KS)

Feather Stamps (2013249)

Mini Feathered Wings (2013130)

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