oldies and newbies!

by admin

Dear readers,

today, I’ll start with a fresh design including one of my favorite Black items: the Travel Collage BLACK.

For this card, I worked on my background with inks, leaving a huge white space so I could put my words there.

I added a piece of black cardstock on the edge to highlight the black words.

item used: Travel Collage BLACK


On the next design, I work with the Chevron Stencil on my background, before adding watercolours.

I used then the classic Word Set E Weekdays and Memories Words.



 item used:

Word Set E Weekdays

Memories Words

Chevron Stencil


My last design is about scrabble, and numbers!

On this layout I also worked with a stencil on my background (Marrakech Stencil) before composing my final display.



item used: Numbers Border, chipboard

Marrakech Stencil.


Well, Have a nice day!

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