Its All About Color – Group Post & Mood Board Challenge Part 2

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Hello, Hello!  We’re back again with a second dose of inspiration from the Designers based off of our current Mood Board Challenge.  If you missed the first round, you can go here and check out the variety of projects brought on by the first round of Designers playing along.  This round is just as spectacular, lets check out the board again:


So fun, right??!  Cindy really did a splendid job.  The boinging rainbow colors can lead to endless creations, plus there are numerous images to be inspired by as well!  You may choose to take the quote and run with text, or perhaps some of the patterns speak to you, or maybe even the eye pops out as a starting point for something magnificent.

Of course we always like to stir things up, just a tad, and in doing so the addition of using stencils along with the Mood Board was required.

So the designers were presented with this:

DT Challenge:

– Use Mood Board as inspiration to create a project of any type

– Use stencils in the creation of project

Getting the party started is:



Claire has really rocked out the color pop on this page with her splats of rainbow delight!  Her use of white space is always brilliant and this is certainly no exception.  This shows you can go rainbow in modest amounts and still have a powerful impact of color.  She has used her color in fabulous ways to highlight her photo and her embellishments up top.  The bold use of black against the pops of color is often found in Claire’s work, but is also very noticeable in the Mood Board.  This contrast is so lovely and the chevron pattern just looks so striking drawn out like this.



In these pictures you can see the detail of the her color and stenciling a bit better.  Its just pure perfection.  You can also see her use of the new Word Set pieces.  By leaving them bare Claire has created another fabulous element of contrast that works so well.  These pieces stand out, yet don’t take away from the photo.  It all just meshes together in a great harmony.

Products Used on Claire’s Project:

Word Set B Pictures (2013329)

Word Set A Today (2013328)

Word Set C Documented (2013330)

Word Set D Emotions (2013331)

Chevron Stencil (2012152)



Cindy held nothing back when it came to using bold, bright color for her page!  I love the drippage of rainbow colors she has created here over all the various built up texture.  Such a marvelous interpretation of the board’s colors and patterns infused together here.  You can see black was an important tool of contrast for her as well in not only her embellishments but that super cool photo!  Do you spy what I do in her hubs sunglasses??  I mean how cool is that shot?!  Now if only I could get my hubs to wear some shades like that…..LOL!


Cindy made this great collage of details for us to check out.  I love how she took inspiration from the mood board and used some barbed wire chipboard on her page, mimicking the wire the birds sit upon.  This is such a fantastic touch to her piece and really suits the photo so well as does the tree shape.  It just goes to show you not a lot is needed on a page to make a statement.  Her background was so tremendously done that a few simple touches here and there along with her photo made the page come together beautifully.  Of course the wordlet she chose is absolutely fitting not only to what she feels about her hubby but to the overall theme she created of her page.  I so love this about the ScrapfX wordlets – there is always the perfect one available.

Products Used on Cindy’s Project:

Moroccan Tile Stencil (2013351)

Random Dot Stencil (2013172)

Paper Tree Black (22013368)

Barbed Wire Strands (2011187)

You Colour My World (2013305)



Elisabeth has gone with the softer side of the of the rainbow.  It allows the fun and playfulness of her photo to shine through yet not be overwhelmed.  I can see she was inspired by the patterns in the mood board and carried those through on her page by adding some texture with her stencils and stamps here and there.  This captured her color well and allowed it to pop an extra bit in some areas where it pooled around the pattern.  I particularly love how the Moroccan Tile shape is enhanced by this.  I also love how she pulled in her flowers and kept them going accordingly with the flow of her rainbow.  This is such a fabulous way to help the eye move across the page.  The addition of the mini chippie houses decked out to match the color scheme as well is just adorable – such a sweet playful touch.  The combination of elegant and playful elements on this page make a delightful team and a gorgeous end result.  I think this is a good lesson in knowing that more than one style can merge on a page and create bliss.

Products Used on Elisabeth’s Page:

Leaves A Simple, Stamp (2013344)

Moroccan Tile Stamp (2013351)

Mini Houses (2013123)

Lace Tag Set White (2012040 W)

Three very different LOs, all tremendously smashing!!  Hopefully you’re super inspired for the weekend and ready to take on this challenge for yourself!

Your challenge is as follows:

Fan Mood Board Challenge:

– Create any project using the above Rainbow Mood Board as your inspiration

– Use a stencil(s) in the creation of your project

– Upload your newly created project to our Facebook page or leave a blog link here if you don’t do Facebook (you are more than welcome to do both) so we can check it out.

Deadline: Friday, December 13, 2013
for your chance to win!

We can’t wait to see what you create.  Thanks for stopping by and have a fantabulous weekend!!

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  1. Wow fantastic inspiration on this post, each layout a delight for the eyes!!!! Well done to all!