E Robot by Elodie

by Elodie Goossens | 3 Comments

Hi friends! Elodie here to share with you 2 projects that I made with some of the new steampunk releases.

For the first project I made a robot lamp for decorating my scraproom.



 For this lamp I used a Tim Holtz configuration box for making the base of my robot.

I paint the box with black acrylic paint and a touch of  metallic copper paint. I painted the cogs with different metallic paints and I embossed the other element with UTEE powder.

Inside the box I used mixed media techniques.

I made the little robots with a box that I made with cardstock and metallic tape  then I painted with alcohol ink.

I used  led lights, It’s a small christmas garland lol.

To hide the threads behind I used straw that I covered with embossed metallic tape.



Products Used:

Steampunk Feather Collage

Cog Coin

Stamp Harlequin

Bright Spark

Cogs, mini

Number Party stencil

The second project is a layout with a photo of my son with one of  her dad’s guitars.

For this layout I used stencil with modeling paste, metallic paints, stamps and some fiber.


Products Used:

Steampunk Barbed Wire Collage

Construction Collage

Stamp Harlequin

Pochoir Crosswords

Grunge Stamp

Itty Bitty Bets “Groovy”

Dreaming of Gears!

by Arantzazu Sangrador | 6 Comments

Hello Scrap Friends!!!

It´s Arantzazu here! ;)

Today I want to share with you three projects I’ve done with steampunk chipboards!

The first one is a layout! I have used mix media tecniques, steampunk chipboards, dies , stamps and a lot of colours and trims!

I have used :

Industrial globes

Cog corner

Construction collage

2014-12-16 10.46.58


2014-12-16 10.48.08

2014-12-16 10.49.09





The second one is a canvas !
I was inspired by the work of Finnabair and our conpañera Marta

I glued a lot of looms and gauze, buttons, chipboards , metal things and flowers!
after I gave colour and a brilliant touch

Item used:

Steampunk feather collage

Construction collage

2014-12-16 10.50.59

2014-12-16 10.52.08

2014-12-16 10.52.54



And the last one is a tag !
I was doing it while I was listening to Frank Sinatra ,
you will understand …

I have used:

Construction collage 

Steampunk hot air balloon

Harlequin stamp

2014-12-16 10.55.45

I have made a step by step! hope you enjoy it! ;)







Luckie’s December Daily

by Claire Barrin | 2 Comments

Hi Scrap FX Fans,

Claire here. Today, I’d like to shown the mini book I made to use as a December Daily.

On plain Kraft paper, I added Scrap FX stamps that I hot embossed in a pale yellow colour.

I also outlined a great deal of stencils.


On my cover, I used the Snowflakes G (201424), that I decorated with gold glitter.


the Inside of my album is quite homogeneous: outlined stencils, embossed stamps, andwatercoulours.








I now have to fill it!

item used:

Snowflakes G

Harlequin Stamp,

Number Party stencil

Number Border large stencil

Numbers Collage stencil

Christmas Word Tree Stamp

Diagonal stamp

Numbers Stamp


My second design is a simple layout, featuring one of the new wordlets A picture paints a thousand words.





item used:

A picture paints a thousand words,

Harlequin Stamp,


Thanks for stopping by!

Life is a Celebration… – Group Post, Part 1

by Scarlett | 3 Comments

Hey There Scrap FX Fans!  It’s group post time and with it being a festive time of year we wanted a festive type theme, but didn’t care to limit ourselves.  Therefore a magnificent recipe was gathered together by the team and it fit just perfectly:

Recipe Challenge

Quote to be inspired by and/or use: “Life is a Celebration, enjoy it well.” Uruj Shahid Whether

Color: White + One (may use black as accent)

Inspiration/Theme: Celebration

Add some sparkle!

Journal it!

Incorporate some geometric shapes

Add a bit of you to the page! Make it yours!

Delightful recipe to tackle right??  Let’s see what the first round of gals came up with.


unconditional love - Anita Bownds dec 2014 SCRAPFX DT (1)

Anita is celebrating Unconditional Love (2013153) with her gorgeous white + light blue page.  I love how she has softly played up this adorable photo of her cat, I mean what is there not to love about that face??!  All of her paper layers and each fussy cut flower are perfectly placed to create a striking balance a wonderful white space.  I always find it interesting to see what paper combos Anita will mix, she has a way with mixing interesting patterns with floral patterns I’d never think of trying – love that.

unconditional love - Anita Bownds dec 2014 SCRAPFX DT (4)

Anita used a lot of white throughout her page, per the recipe, but here on her wordlet she decided to bust out with the spray paint.  Check out how nicely finished it looks.  Pretty snazzy right??!  I really need to get some spray paint in my life I think…

unconditional love - Anita Bownds dec 2014 SCRAPFX DT (2)

The geometric shape Anita chose to work with throughout her page was a circle.  You can see this throughout the design of the actual main area of the page and in this close up shot where she has use the Random Dots Stencil (2013172) for some background texture. This is also where Anita incorporated her sparkle, this is how:

“I mixed impasto with a drop of light blue paint and added a bit of white glitter and mixed it and applied it to the stencil
And flicked light blue watercolours  over the top of the stenciled background”

I must admit this is one of my favorite things to do with the Random Dots Stencil as well.  It looks so marvelous all sparkly as Anita’s project shows off so well!! :)

Products Used

Random Dots Stencil (2013172)

Unconditional Love (2013153)



Cindy is all about celebrating life by documenting a very special birthday!  This white + shades of coral beauty is all about her 1st birthday.  She has used the recipe to create a sweet and girly LO filled with layer upon layer of textural goodness. Let’s take a closer look…


Here you can see where the clustering begins.  This is just to get you all excited for what’s to come.  You’ll notice how Cindy has used a Clock Hand (2008131) piece here amongst her cluster.  It really works so well and you wouldn’t really know it was a clock hand at all if I hadn’t told you, right?  Well, perhaps some of you would have known, but you get the idea… there are so many uses for pieces if you just put your thinking cap on!  I may need some clock hands now…


In this shot you can see the stamping Cindy did with the new Harlequin Stamp (2014380).  This is such a cool and versatile design.  Over that she layered her stenciling with the Chevron Stencil (2012152).  I don’t know that I naturally would have gone to combine these two patterns together but I must say I’m so glad Cindy did. They look pretty intriguing and marvelous so I think I may play around with this.


One last shot where you can see the Chevron Stencil (2012152) pattern a bit clearer.  You can also see how Cindy jazzed up all her beautiful flowers even further by giving them dustings of glitter.  So pretty!!  More clock hands are used here as additions to the cluster as well.

Products Used

Chevron Stencil (2012152)

Harlequin Stamp (2014380)

Clock Hands – Antique 10cm (2008131)

Party Theme Pack (2014327)



Claire has no problems boldly sharing her feelings on life being a celebration!!  I mean how could she not enjoy it, with that lil’ cutie on her hands?? :)  Her white + yellows scheme here is perfectly suited for such a sunshiny statement and she even has the word life highlighted like a sun – love it.


Claire used circles as her geometric shape on the page.  The Funky Number Party (2014329) piece was perfectly suited to go along with this theme.  She split this piece to go along both sides of the photos.  I love how there are so many other natural colored elements in this shot to blend with the raw chippie, don’t you?


In this shot we’re going to focus on the background which was created with the Dot Stamp (2014289). Claire inked up her stamp with some watercolor paint and then stamped it onto her background to get her image.  It creates a sort of dreamy stamped image that is clear yet fully crisp like you would get if you used ink.  A fun little bit in this shot to take note of also is Claire’s sparkle by way of studs.  Super funky and fun.

Products Used

Dot Stamp (2014289)

Funky Number Party (2014329)

Three very different but equally spectacular takes on the recipe challenge.  The rest of the team will be up soon with their takes.  If you’re inspired by the recipe and create something feel free to share with us on our Facebook page. Until next time, take care and happy creating!

Marta’s mixed media world and goodbye post

by Marta Lapkowska | 2 Comments

Hello everyone !

It’s Marta here.  Marta-blog

Today is my last post for you my friends. I am saying goodbye to you all creative souls. I hope you have enjoyed art journey with me.

I wish share with you my last mixed media works. I created small canvas and journal page.


I used chipboard steampunk dress form. I cut out all into small pieces and put it together in my own composition. I added second chipboard - stempunk skull collage.

I used Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays.



Used products:

Steampunk Dress Form  Steampunk Skull Collage

My second creation is mixed media journal page. I used the same colour scheme from Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays. I used Circuit Board stencil and two chipboards Rivet Beams large and A picture paints a thousand words.


Used products:

Rivet Beams large    A pictue paints a thousand words  Circuit Board Stencil


I hope you have enjoyed those works and I am sure I will see you around scrap world.

Love, Marta xx

Mixed Media Scrapbook Layout & Card by Song

by Conghui Li | 4 Comments

Hi Friends :)
Today I am sharing my two DT project for ScrapFX. This month, there are tons of beautiful and detailed Steampunk chippies that just makes me drool nonstop, lol. I absolutely love every each one of them. There is a video tutorial on how I created this layout, please scroll down to watch it.
   I layered chipboard and flowers on top of each other to create more depth
DSC_0020 copy
DSC_0021 copy
You can always cut apart a bigger piece of chipboard to extend its use and to your desired size. DSC_0022 copy
Can you see how detailed the cogs collage is?? Isn’t it gorgeous? DSC_0023 copy
DSC_0024 copy
All the flowers were white colors and I just painted them to match the colors of the paper.
DSC_0025 copy
Again, the detailed and the intricate design of the steampunk chippie is just beautiful! DSC_0026 copy
   I added some trims for layering
DSC_0027 copy
Layout Tutorial:

Product Used:
Thank you for looking
Stay Creative <3

Steampunk Off The Page

by Rebecca Genet | 4 Comments

 Hi it’s Bec here today with two steampunk creations for you. I have to admit that when I found out that this month was all about steampunk I did have a mini panic attack, I’ve never made anything steampunk before – but I like a challenge and once I saw how gorgeous the new chipboard pieces were I knew I had to try and make something great with them. This is what I came up with………

Altered Dragonfly Cage

P1010750 cropped

Here’s how I put it together. I found this white cage in a bargain shop for $4.50 (I think it’s meant to go with candles??) and I painted it with black gesso. These are the Scrap FX Chipboard pieces I used (mini feathers not shown).

   P1010704 cropped P1010707 cropped

I cut and arranged the chipboard pieces Steampunk Feather Collage, Steampunk WhimsySteampunk Barbed Wire Collage and Propellers in the shape of a dragonfly. I secured the chipboard to the cage using jewellery wire. Then I added on the Mini Flying Wings, Mini Feathers, Cogs, mini, Cogs and rest of the Propellers as well as some flowers to the cage.

   P1010730 croppedP1010734 cropped

I also added on some metal embellishments before I sprayed the whole thing in a mix of brown, blue and teal sprays. I finished off by rubbing some Inka-Gold in gold over the whole thing to give it a pretty golden shine and finally some rhinestones and pearls.

 P1010738 cropped P1010746 cropped

Here are my close ups

P1010753 cropped

P1010756 cropped


P1010763 cropped

P1010768 cropped

P1010770 cropped


Scrap FX Products Used:

Cogs 2007184

Cogs, mini 2011007

Mini Feathers 2013233

Mini Flying Wings 2013232

Propellers 2014371

Steampunk Barbed Wire Collage 2014365

Steampunk Feather Collage 2014364

Steampunk Whimsy 2014366


Steampunk Canvas

I loved this new Steampunk Dress Form as soon as I saw it, and I knew the new Steampunk Wings would go perfectly with this dress form. I thought my dress form could use a stand so I used the bottom half of a Lamp Post B Lantern. Around the edges I layered up a mix of chipboard, metal trinkets and glass beads. On the Background I’ve used the new Grungy Wing Stencil with modeling paste, then I painted and sprayed to get the colours I wanted before I rubbed some Inka-gold in Gold on top. Finally a added a few rhinestones and pearls, no flowers though – I think this is my first flower free project in forever :)

P1010880 cropped 2

P1010885 cropped

P1010893 cropped

                 P1010897 cropped

P1010900 cropped

Scrap FX products used:

Steampunk Dress Form 2014356

Steampunk Wing left 2014369L

Steampunk Wing right 2014369R

Lamp Post B Lantern 2013236

Mini Flying Wings 2013232

Mini Feathers 2013233

Cogs, Mini 2011007

Cogs 2007184

Chain Corner Collage 2014367

Grungy Wing Stencil 2014382

Hope you enjoyed my steampunk creations today.

Born to Ride and Meeting Finn …. with Cindy Porter

by Cindy Porter | 2 Comments

Hi everyone, it’s Cindy here, thanks for joining me today…

I’d like to share with you a layout I created with some of the new steampunk releases “Born to Ride”

this months releases were amazing…. loads of awesome steampunk goodness, just perfect for my Harley pics…


this is a pic of my 100th Anniversary Springer Softail… please excuse my cheesy grin, riding my bike always makes me smile….



For this layout I created my background using the cogs stamp with embossing powder under some gesso and plenty of Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays… the page edge was created using one of my favourite stencils the random dots stencil ….



I couldn’t go past this title….”Born to Ride” just perfect for my photo…
and I also used the micro cogs…. I painted them all up with more Lindy’s stamp Gang…



The new corner chain collage looks great framing up my photo with the film strip (5 frames) is tucked in behind the photo…




I just love, love, love the new Steampunk Skull Collage…. I painted it up with some Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays… doesn’t it look fabulous…



I used the Grungy Wing Stencil to create a bit of flame like action…. I just love how versatile this stencil is, it really should be on everyones wishlist….


Scrap FX products:

Grungy Wing Stencil
corner chain collage
film strip (five frames)
Born to Ride
steampunk skull collage
random dots stencil
cogs stamp
micro cogs



Next up I have another layout I created  “Meeting Finn”


I love this pic from the first time I met Finn at the Prima head office…




I created the background using the new Harlequin Stamp and the Scribble Script Stencil along with my favourite Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays…



I used the Cogs Stamp along with the new Steampunk Time Large, isn’t it a great looking piece…


For my title I used two different alpha sets… Itty Bitty Bets Groovy and Freestyle lower case


Scrap FX products used:
Itty Bitty Bets Groovy
Freestyle lower case
Cogs Stamp
Steampunk Time Large
Scribble Script Stencil
Harlequin Stamp


till next time
happy creating


Just a bit of vintage grunge

by Alison Callcott | 3 Comments

Morning peeps!

Steampunk. Hmm. This is going to be challenging. Yes I like to get grungy on occasion and, shock horror LOL, even get my hands dirty! Actually my manicurist laments the state of my hands most times I see her LOL! But getting back to the subject at hand .. Steampunk. What on earth was I going to do? So not a style I’ve tried on before. So not sure if I want to. But wow, talk about versatile. I think I’m just a little in love with the latest releases!



Products used:

1.8mm Chipboard Sheet 12 x 12″ (2013409)

Bag of Letters Mini (2014051)

Number Border stencil, small (2014019)

Construction Collage (2014374)

Rivet Beams large (2014377)

Rivet Beams small (2014378)

Locomotive - details for blog

How lucky am I that my husband had kept a few of his childhood toys? I’m even luckier that he was more than happy to take photos of them! Because of their age, (sorry sweetheart but they’re almost antiques), I wanted to create something with a vintage feel and the gold on the train practically demanded I use a warm colour scheme. I didn’t really have anything that suited my purposes in my stash, so did what I love to do best .. create my own background. Of course I had to start off with a piece of 1.8mm Chipboard Sheet 12 x 12″ (2013409) and lots of layering, including using the Number Border stencil, small (2014019) with texture paste, and in my final layer, the Rivet Beams large (2014377) and Rivet Beams small (2014378). Of course I had to use the Rivet Beams .. they reminded me of train tracks, so I also used the Construction Collage (2014374) (the perfect accompaniment to the Rivet Beams) to frame my photo by cutting it into two separate pieces. Although you can’t see it in the photos, after spraying my chipboard black I used a little Silks acrylic glaze to add just a hint of shimmer. The end result is very reminiscent of coal which, to me, seems apt.

I knew I wouldn’t want to repeat the colour scheme when scrapping my next photo, so desaturated it when doing my post photo editing in PhotoShop. As a result I was able to go down a completely different colour pathway and experiment with more of the Scrap FX Stencils and Stamps. After I had gessoed my base I used the Cogs Stamp (2013284) with silver embossing powder, the Random Dots stencil (2013172) with texture paste and distress ink, and then the Harlequin Stamp (2014380) with archival ink, after which I did some water colour painting. All of my chipboard embellishments, including the alphas for my title, were heat embossed with embossing powder. Incidentally, for a foam stamp, I was more than impressed by the crisp, clear image I got from the Harlequin Stamp (2014380)! Note to self .. buy more of the Scrap FX Stamps.



Products used:

1.8mm Chipboard Sheet 12 x 12″ (2013409)

Cogs Stamp (2013284)

Random Dots stencil (2013172)

Paris Alphabet – lower case (2009201)

Cogs (2007184)

Cog Corner (2014368)

Harlequin Stamp (2014380)

Sr1a - details for blog

That’s it for me today peeps. Happy scrapping!!

Cheers .. Alz   :)

Its All Pretty – Anita Bownds

by Anita Bownds | 2 Comments

Hi everyone

Anita here sharing some creations using the new chipboard this month.

If you haven’t checked it out, its a must!! as the chippies are so lovely this month you will want them all! lol

I created this card using the Steampunk Dress Form (2014356)

and the beautiful papers from Heidi Swapp

thank you so much - Anita Bownds dec 2014 Scrapfx DT (1)

I used a white stamp pad and stamped it all over the chipboard then I heat dried the ink and added some shimmerz inklings

then added some pearls.

thank you so much - Anita Bownds dec 2014 Scrapfx DT (2)

For my layout I started with my background using mists on the Harlequin Stamp Model: 2014380,

stamping it randomly over the white background then i flicked green watercolour to match my patterned paper.

background of you has my heart

You has my heart - Anita Bownds dec 2014 Scrapfx DT (1)

Then I painted my chipboard Love (hearts) You  (2014384)

white so that when i put pink on the chipboard it would stand out

and tucked it in behind my layers of patterned paper.

You has my heart - Anita Bownds dec 2014 Scrapfx DT (2)

You has my heart - Anita Bownds dec 2014 Scrapfx DT (4)

As you can see I wanted to use the word (you) from the Love (hearts) You (2014384)

chipboard so I cut the word away from it and placed it as part of my title.

You has my heart - Anita Bownds dec 2014 Scrapfx DT (5)

So I hope you get inspired this month to play with Scrap FX chipboard

Happy Crafting!