It’s Our Time to Shine – Group Post Part 2

by Scarlett | 5 Comments

Hi ScrapFX Fans!  The second half of the design team is up with their stunning creations showcasing their tremendously cool styles and/or favorite techniques.  This is a such a fun and fabulous way to get acquainted with our amazing new designers and reminded of why we love the oldies, but goodies that are sticking around, don’t you think?

Let’s dive on in and see what inspiration we have this time around.  Grab a cuppa and enjoy!


P1010536 smaller

Bec has created a such an elegant and lovely page featuring her daughter as a wee one.  My breath was truly taken away when I saw this.  I mean look at all those gorgeous little little details tucked around that sweet photo.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself…let’s check out the background here first.  I really love how Bec laid out the foundation of texture here using the Number Party Stencil (2014342) over her patterned paper.  It really helps draw the eye straight to her focus area and gives a lovely break to the pattern.  On the far right you can see the Happy Birthday C (2012116) chippie on the page, she altered it about with some beautiful texture – perhaps chunky embossing or some type of paste?  I’ll share what Bec had to say about this special birthday page she created:

My layout is of my daughter on the day she was born, just a few hours old in the hospital. She’s 8 in a couple of weeks, so it’s kind of happy birthday for then and now. I love doing soft pretty pages so I had fun with this one, because to be honest I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the number themed things at first.

I think Bec nailed it with the number for sure with this page and I totally get the then and now thing too.  They grow up way too fast, don’t they?


Here you can see how Bec used the Number Crunch (2014328) chippies pieces to tuck amongst all her other magnificent embellishment choices.  The way she painted them white and then added just a touch of inking to them really suits this soft, girly page so nicely.  I love how the inking makes the pieces look their worn and vintage.  All of her exquisite layers of papers, cheesecloth, flowers, lace doilies come together in perfection to create a piece of beauty her daughter is sure to cherish as she grows.  Looking at Bec’s page makes me wish I had a more girly girl to scrap for, LOL.  Perhaps I’ll have to give it a go at some point, but I’m thinking I’ll need some lessons from her first – oh and flowers. ;)

Products Used

Number Party Stencil (2014342)

Happy Birthday C (2012116)

Number Crunch (2014328)

Cindy B


Cindy has created a mixed media wonderland for us to feast our eyes on.  I just love the softer colors of her page with the pop of boldness from her photo, totally cool contrast.  To give you a run down of how this page came together I’ll share what Cindy shared with me:

Initially I cut my page and I assembled with washi tape. After I used the dough texture with the stencil Moroccan Tile (2013352). I stick the tape seal and scraps of paper to lean my picture on. Then I emboss my Chipboard Flourish Q Swirl (2011003)  with Purely white Lindy’s stamp gang. I stamped on the page using  archival ink on my stamp Flourish swirl (2014341). I also used the same ink on my title chipboard Capture the moment (2014346). I’ve pasted flowers and to hold them I used Gesso. I add sprays of Lindy’s stamp Gang Misson Bells Lou Brown and Tiffany blue.
I add dough texture using the beautiful Peacock Feather Stencil (2013163). I have added mica, pearls and sugar Finnabair. That’s it play.

She makes it sound so simple, right? I’m pretty sure if I tried to recreate that flower cluster to side of the photo it wouldn’t be quite as gorgeous. But I do love Cindy’s breakdown and might just have to blow some dust off flower dies to give this a whirl.


Here you can see that spectacular flower cluster with the Chipboard Flourish tucked amongst it.  The pop of white here is really a striking contrast and I do believe I mentioned this in the last group post as well.  White is definitely a fantabulous go to for contrast, black doesn’t always have to be the chosen one, especially when you’re using softer colors on a page such as this.  The color choice Bec went with for her title wordlet was also pretty brilliant if you ask me.  Not only does it pop over the cluster but as it carries over in to the photo it blends so well in to the colors there.  Really beautiful choice.  At the top and bottom of this photo you can see the stamping Bec referred to using the Flourish Swirl stamp.  The lighter color allows this stamping to standout yet not take away from the overall page.  It provides movement and additional texture but not busyness.


In this photo you can see the texture from the stenciling done.  It’s so gorgeous with it’s softness and I really love how certain areas of the feather picked up some of the misting colors.  This is a great example of how to incorporate stenciling to your projects without too much fuss.  I think sometimes people worry you have to go super bold when using stencils and paste.  Not so.  You can keep your pastes neutral in color and just add a whimsical touch like this feather and a bit of pattern like that from the Moroccan Tile and pack a powerful punch.

Products Used

Moroccan Tile (2013352)

Flourish Q Swirl (2011003)

Flourish Swirl Stamp (2014341)

Capture the Moment, mini (2014346)

Peacock Feather Stencil (2013163)



Claire has brought a delightful page celebrating all things Autumn.  She has worked her magic with the stencils and created an outstanding background that I think not only represents the change of seasons so wonderfully but also her stunning skills with the stencils.  Claire has the Number Party Stencil (2014342) and outlined it using various thicknesses of pens/markers.  I find her patience in doing this so amazing, but also the way she can get all her lines so precise.  That really takes some skill, believe me I’ve tried. ;)  She added color using watercolor media and knowing Claire, she does this in a variety of ways.  She has various forms of watercolor media available and uses them in different ways – all with beautiful outcomes like above.  Claire also does a stunning job handcrafting her leaves.  They are always provide a whimsical and organic touch to her pages like no other.  Just love how she has clustered a bunch of them around those adorable and fun family photos she has featured here.


Here you can see Claire’s signature use of the raw chippies.  This is definitely something I look forward to peeping out on her pages.  The way she work raw chippies on a page is like no other and I adore how they look amongst all her bold colors and other bits and pieces.  This area on her page is like a tiny embellishment explosion.  So many fun little things to look at and take in, yet it doesn’t feel too busy.  As her flair button says – love this!! – especially how she used the new Mini Banner (2014312) along with the Months of the Year (2014331) piece.   Layering up the two pieces is a great idea to begin with but what I truly am diggin’ here is how she placed the month word off to one side.  I think the temptation is to always have things front and center and this is a great showing of how off setting things works so wonderfully!

Products Used

Mini Banners (2014312)

Months of the Year (2014331)

Seasons Wordlet Theme Pack (2009374)

Number Party Stencil (2014342)

Seeing Stars (2014238)



Elodie’s page is sure to bring a smile to your face, I know it did mine,  not only because it’s featuring an über cute baby, but it’s bright, cheery, and so playful!  I’m so lovin’ all the vivid colors here along with the various textures.  To get an idea of how Elodie created this page I’ll share what she had to say:

I used acrylic paint for painting my frame, modeling past with the stencil, some seed beads, glaze that I’m coloring with Distress ink, Izink ink, gelato and acrylic paint for my background.I paint my flower with Izink ink.For the moment I love the textures and bright colors !  I would like that my layout bright as the smile of my baby :)

I’d say she totally achieved her goal, but that baby’s smile is surely adorable and not be outshined – he is definitely the star of this show. ;)  Let’s take a closer look at Elodie’s page so we can see all those marvelous details a bit better.


Starting in the upper left corner you can see how Elodie used the Love Scribble Frame Large (2014334) to encompass her main focal area.  Such a perfect choice here because obviously she loves her baby but also it brings on the whimsy with the scribble trails. I really like how Elodie decided to paint the frame black for a nice pop of contrast but made the word pop by painting it an alternate color.  Sometimes it’s so easy to just paint a piece all one color and be done with it, but when you take that extra step to do two part painting you really get that WOW factor.  And honestly?, it doesn’t take that much longer to do this. Moving clockwise to the next photo, you can see bits of the stenciling that was done using the Crosswords Stencil (2013186).  What I’m really enjoying about this addition is that it’s sporadic throughout the page and not done too heavily.  It provides a great amount of texture without being overly done and taking over the page.  The stamping, cheesecloth, and beads here are all also magnificent additions contributing to the whole textural goodness of this page.  The last photo will take a peek at is just below and features the Film Strips (2011151) pieces.  I think these are a hidden gem in the ScrapFX store and you may not even know about these.  In fact I’m glad to be reminded I should be using the ones I have – Ha!  This is a fun little embellishment Elodie used to tuck amongst her flowers and again provides some contrast at the same time to help break up all her bold, bright colors of this sweet page.

Products Used

Film Strips (2011151)

Crosswords Stencil (2013186)

Love Scribble Frame Large (2014334)



Irina’s page is just breathtaking in it’s nautical splendor.  It really has me wishing I could be transported to this spot right now instead of hanging out at my 20 degree, freezing homestead (and yes, this a warm up day!! LOL).  Seriously though she has managed to capture the essence of childhood at the sea so perfectly, hasn’t she??  So let’s start breaking this beauty down.  On  her background, Irina has used various different techniques to build up all that rich texture.  She did some stamping using the Flourish Swirl Stamp (2014341) around the edges of the paper which provides such a wonderful sense of movement.  This stamp is truly handy in so many ways.  Then there is the texture aspect created by using paste with some various circle stencils, including the Random Dots (2013172) over what appears to be either a gesso base or a white wash base of paint.  Then of course there is lots of poppin’ color.


Irina also used the Love Scribble Frame Large (2014334), but since her page was more light and airy she went with a lighter color to coat it.  Up top in the photo you can see her use of the Crazy Circles (2014330).  Her technique of choice for all her chippies on this page was embossing.  This is what Irina had to say about this technique:

One of my favorite techniques using chipboard is to color it with different embossing powders. I like the effect of smooth transition of colors when 2 or more embossing powders are mixing together. In this LO I used 3 different ScrapFX chips, and all of them were covered with different embossing powders.

I have to agree with Irina, embossing chippies is one of my favs too.  It’s a quick and easy to get so super cool results.


Here you can see Irina’s embossing in action a bit better on this little crab.  It’s a piece that’s a part of the Sea Creatures Pack (2009357).  Totally cute, right?  You can also tell how she has used the various tones of embossing powders on the body.  Really neat effect.  More crazy circles here, which play along so magnificently with the rest of her page/background.  Just like tiny little sea bubble all over the place – love.  You also get to peep out part of Irina’s masterful cluster as well.  So many gorgeous little trinkets tucked here and there amongst her flowers.  Just a delightfully crafted page.

Products Used

Sea Creatures (2009357)

Flourish Swirl Stamp (2014341)

Random Dots Stencil (2013172)

Crazy Circles (2014330)

Love Scribble Frame Large (2014334)

There you have it, another post choke full of inspiration.  Layer upon layer of it and this is just the beginning friends and fans!  So stay tuned in to the blog and be sure you stop by here and let us know you visited.

Take care and happy creating!

Las Vegas…… by Cindy Porter

by Cindy Porter | 4 Comments

Hi everyone, it’s Cindy Porter here with you today, thanks for joining me today….

Today I want to share with you all a little video tutorial I have created…. I wanted to show how a stencil designed for one purpose can be used completely differently, if you just think outside of the box….

So I have gone ahead a made a layout tutorial using the new grungy wing stencil… but as you will see there is not a wing in sight on the completed layout…

Now, just before we get the the video, please bear in mind that this is my first video I am putting out there so I hope you all find it easy to watch….. I have to ask that there is no laughing out loud when you catch glimpses of my hugely fashionable crafting flanno, only smirks and sniggers are acceptable responses…lol… I must remember in future to roll up the sleeves…lol…. but we live and learn….

So now that the spiel is over here it finally is …

I hope you enjoyed that… I’d love to here your thoughts on it …..
Scrap FX products used:
Till next time
Happy Creating

Feeling Thankful

by Scarlett | 6 Comments

Hey There ScrapFX Peeps!  Scarlett with you today to share a variety of projects of things I’m thankful for since it’s almost Thanksgiving here in the States.  Not that I’m not grateful for things in my life on the daily, it’s just I really take time to document during them heavily during November.  I guess I should make that a priority more often, huh?  But hey, scrapbooking and creating kinda is that if you think about it really.  Anyhoo, let’s get on with the projects, shall we??


First up is a little page for my gratitude mini album that is an ongoing project, see I’m not that bad about documenting year round ;).  It’s a chunky, funky little album with all sorts of pages ranging from canvas to paper bag, overlays to chipboard, and everything in between.  It’s great for all my scraps.

Here I’ve taken out a page and used the new Flourish Swirl Stamp (2014341) to stamp it up in black ink before going over it with some embossed Chicken Wire (2013382) stamping.  I really like how this look turned out because at first glance you can’t really tell which stamp was put down first.  Kind of neat effect.  From there I simply added my photo to a punched heart that was already on the page and stapled the little number 2 to the photo.  I”m totally diggin’ these new Days of the Month (2014332) pieces and can needing them for lots of projects!


Here you can see the stamping a bit better.  This is such a quick and easy way to get a bit of texture on your projects, especially when you’re working with a smaller area.  A sprinkle of sequins and stickers and I was done. :)

Products Used

Flourish Swirl Stamp (2014341)

Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382)

Days of the Month (2014332)

My next couple projects are tags for my gratitude album.


This tag features my wonderful hubby.  It’s not very often I capture him on camera as not only is he camera shy but he works a ton!  So this his him showing off one of our many red onions we harvested this year as first time farmers.  Big cheesy grins from him since he loves his onions. :)

To start this tag off I spread out some heavy gesso and then pressed the Number Party Stencil (2014342) in to it.  After that dried I colored the tag with some NeoColors and spread the color about with my finger and water.  Then I sprayed on some Dylusions mists to intensify the colors even more.


Once my background was dry I started to embellish my tag with my chippies and photo.  I embossed a portion of the Funky Number Party (2014329) piece with some gold embossing powder and stapled it onto my tag.  The I colored a Mini Sun (2013129) piece with a gel pen and some gold paint and lastly I added a Mini Cloud (2013121) with a pop dot, since it was such a beautiful day out ;), coated in some glitter glue.

Product Used

Mini Clouds (2013121)

Mini Suns (2013129)

Funky Number Party (2014329)

Number Party Stencil (2014342)


This tag started off in the same way the above tag started, in fact I had taped the tags together in order to work on the background at the same time.  Work wisely I always say.  This is super technique to pump out a lot of similar backgrounds on smaller spaces at the same time, yet once you start working on them you get different results, as you can see.   This background has the addition of some Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382) stamping on it to break up the bold colors.  Other then that I wanted to keep it pretty simple so the focus was on the verse in the middle.


I’m typically not a big flourish girl, they just don’t really suit my style and I never really know what to do with them.  I couldn’t resist these new Flourish Corner Mini (2014340) pieces though.  I’m really glad I didn’t because they were the perfect pieces to highlight the verse I chose for this tag.  I love how they look raw here and they have such a beauty to them.  A bit of gold mica flakes and a smattering of star confetti and beads (thanks my fellow DT members for getting me hooked again!) and this was finished off.

Products Used

Flourish Corners, mini (2014340)

Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382)

Number Party Stencil (2014342)


My past page is a LO featuring some girls I’m truly thankful for.  One of them is my daughter (the one squatted down) and the other two are girls that are like daughters to me.  They have played softball together for many, many years and this was a photo taken of their last season together.  Truly bittersweet.  Sure they’ll see each other at school, but nothing beats the sisterhood they built together on the field.

For this page I was once again turned to the Number Party Stencil (2014342) to create some background texture.  I let my purple mist run down creating some dribbles and highlighting the circles, which after I thought crazily looked a lot like softballs – ha!  Then I went back in and highlighted the number three in turquoise with my NeoColor II crayon.


From there it was all about adding some fun chippies to make the page come alive and full of the attitude these girls truly have.  I used the Flaming Ball G Baseball/Softball (2014280) and of course made it in to a softball by painting it with neon yellow paint and doing up the seams with a red paint marker.  The flame had to be purple glitter since the team’s colors were purple, black, and white. I simply made my own glitter glue since I didn’t have any that would make the cut. I used a ScrapFX tag to hold the smaller photo so I could do some quick journaling and provide some darker contrast to the page at the time and the {Excellence… (2014297) quote was absolutely spot on for these teens!  A few stars here and there thanks to the Star Confetti stencil (2013189) and some star confetti I had on hand and it was a done one.

Products Used

Star Confetti Stencil (2013189)

Lace Tag Set Black (2012040 B)

Flaming Ball G Baseball/Softball (2014280)

{Excellence… (2014297)

Number Party Stencil (2014342)

I hope you enjoyed my projects today.  What are you thankful for?  Do you take out and scrap it?  Have a special album for gratitude?  I’d love to see your projects and how you incorporate your ScrapFX goodies.  Remember you can upload them anytime to the ScrapFX Facebook page.

Until next time take good care.

We Introduce the fabulous ARANTZAZU!

by Arantzazu Sangrador | 17 Comments

Introducing new design team member Arantzazu Sangrador:



My name is Arantzazu and I am from Spain.

I started with scrapbooking 4 years ago and now I am a mixed media fan!  I love to use all kind of products:  paper, paints, inks, stamps…..and now I have this great opportunity to enjoy using beautiful Scrap FX chipboards.  I love to create backgrounds from a white paper and feel the magic of mixing all kind of things.  My style is full of color!



Hello friends!
Today I come with two layouts ! I have used mixed media techniques in both but the result is very different!
In the first one I have used a stencil and a lot of colour ( gelatos ) I painted the chipboard too!

I cut out paper triangles,  a few touches of paint and everything was ready with a photo !

2014-11-10 13.04.59

2014-11-10 13.05.47

2014-11-10 13.06.31

2014-11-10 13.04.05

In the second layout I have painted the background with bronze acrylic paint.

The chipboards I have painted with gold paint and I stamped on the background with green and gold paint using the flourish stamp. Then I  glued copper and gold glass glitter and finally added gold thread.

2014-11-10 13.25.54

2014-11-10 13.26.33

2014-11-10 13.27.24

Products used in the first layout:

Products used in the second layout:

I hope you have enjoyed! :)

Count your blessings

by Misty | 8 Comments


Misty here to share with you an art journal spread and a couple of tags I have created.

The thing I love most about the new number chipboards and stencil is that they are so versatile and fun and can be used for any mixed media project, regardless of the theme.


I did, however, decide to go with the “count your blessings” theme with this one.  It seemed fitting since it is almost thanksgiving here in the states.




Below I have a close up picture of the number crunch chippy…


Up Next, I’m sharing a couple of simple tags.

To make the most out of my Funky number party chipboard I cut it in half and used each piece on both of my tags…



I wanted a more solid background around some of the circles so backed them with some gears from a previous release.



Then with the other half of the number party chipboard I created a more feminine “birthday” tag.


Products Used:

Funky Number Party 

Number Crunch

Days of the month

Number Party Stencil

Birthday Girl mini

Wings feathered C


That’s all I have for today, hope you have a great week!

‘Dreams do Come True’ mixed media art by Marta

by Marta Lapkowska | 3 Comments

Hello :)

It’s Marta here and my mixed media world.

Today I would love to share with you my journal page and two mixed media cards. I looooove creating in my journals. I adore the experience of experimenting and total freedom. Todays pages are in the rust colours which some dark elements. I played with new Number Party stencil. I used some modeling paste, white sand and 3D gel medium from Finnabair.


As you can see on the close up photo I added some new Finnabair glass beads, mica flakes and glass glitter. I attached all those small pieces to wet mediums. Then I sprayed all with Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays (Cowabunga Copper, Clam Bake Beige, Black Orchid Silver and Bodacious Blush).

I added Wings chipboard to my girl on the photograph.

Used products:

Number Party stencil Wings D, Flying

My next two projects are very similar to each other. I wanted to show you that same designs can be situated in a different part of the project and still look great. Even the colours, the way I build the backround is alike to all three works. My idea was to show you that you can be creative even if you are using the same craft materials and colours. I created mixed media backround using Number Party stencil.

I added wonderful flourish chipboards.


I also added Flourish Swirl Stamp.


Used products:

Flourish Swirl stamp  Number Party stencilFlourish Corners, mini

I hope you have enoyed my mixed media ride ;)

Sending you lots of creative days !!! Marta xx

ScrapFX Altered Key & Mixed Media Canvas By Song

by Conghui Li | 4 Comments

Introducing new design team member Song:

My name is Conghui Li, however people call me Song since my name is a little awkward to pronounce. I became a huge craft enthusiast about one and half years ago. How I became a craft enthusiast? My  boyfriend one day decided to show me the crafty side of this country and took me to Michael’s. I bought something home just to play around and try it out. Next thing I know, I am addicted to crafting. This crafting community is so fun, loving, and encouraging. It really keeps me crafting. I love playing with colors in my projects and trying out different awesome techniques. My style is mostly mixed media. I hope you will enjoy and be inspired by my creations.



Hi Friends
Today I have 2 more ScrapFX DT projects to share :) One is an altered key wall art, the other one is a mixed media altered canvas.
For the key, I used glass beads and mica flakes with heavy gel medium to add extra texture. The whole key has a gradient effect from green to light yellow. But I don’t want the gradient to look too harsh. So I painted some orange paint on there to give this key some consistency.
For the canvas, I used a lot of paper and also some microbeads to add texture. I added layers and layers of paints to the background. But do make sure to that every layer is dried before you add another. I just LOVE the flourish corners.  They are so beautiful and so intricate. I used them all both of these two projects.
Here are the tutorials:

Product Used On Altered Key:
Product Used On Canvas
Thank you for looking :)
Stay Creative <3

It’s Our Time Shine! – Group Post Part 1

by Scarlett | 3 Comments

Hey There ScrapFX Peeps!  Hope you’ve been enjoying all the new designers being introduced and of course it’s super fab to have many faces staying on board as well. The blog has been rockin’ with oodles of inspiration and since our team has grown guess what?  You’ll now get the benefit of two group posts per month – whoop! whoop!! :)

This month it was decided it’d be fun to showcase the team’s styles and/or favorite techniques on any type of project.  Lots of spectacular creations came to my inbox, so love that I get sneak peeks, and I can’t wait to share them with you all so let’s get started.



Alz has taken us to a warm, summery day on the beach, which I for one am longing for here in the US – ha!  Her background work is really what sets the stage with all the beautiful watercolor work intermixed with some stamping.  Then Alz builds on that with some luscious texture.  Some of it is subtle, reminding me of little water bubbles created by sea foam and other is more bold and colorful, reminiscent of gritty sand texture don’t you think?  The overall design of this page is also very cleverly designed if you look closely you’ll notice it all follows a circular pattern even though triangles are a key element. Pretty neat.

Eyre - details for blog

Here we can see all the magnificent little details Alz puts in to her work better.  Starting with the top photo, I really am quite smitten with how she worked her title orientation in to the background with her alteration of the Bag of Letters mini (2014051) pieces. They stand out yet blend in brilliantly and the pop of orange on the Arrows, Fancy (2012374) piece is a lovely contrast.  Moving clockwise to the photo with the Beach Grass (2011307) piece in it, I will say that this is a great use not only of this piece as a corner highlight, but of white to break up all the color Alz had going on.  I think a lot of people tend to use black as their go to contrast color but forget that white can be just as handy and useful for this purpose!!  In the last photo, I’m so glad we get a peek at how Alz attached her vellum journaling, aren’t you?  Vellum is tricky business and one mustn’t be afraid to staple it down, LOL.  It’s so hard to find a good adhesive for it, especially when going over texture, so staples are a terrific alternative.

Products Used

1.8m Chipboard 12 x 12″ (2013409)

2014 Year Pack (2014333)

Arrows, Fancy (2012374)

Bag of Letters mini (2014051)

Beach Grass (2011307)



Arantzazu has kicked off her first group post with a bang by diving in with an altered Shadow Box Rectangular, small (2012050).  Isn’t it divine?  The texture on the outside of the box with it’s soft turquoise, cream, and gold color combo is a wonderful compliment and contrast to the rich hues she has created inside.  It’s like Alz says above “a breath a fresh air” for the eyes. ;)  The gold pop  of the Celebrate Good Times (2014349) wordlet along the side paired with the trickling of golden leaves is also a very clever design element.  This really leads the viewer’s eyes from top to bottom of her piece and allows every little bit of goodness Arantzazu has added to be taken in.


Here you can see some of those marvelous little details up close better.  Ooo la la, right??!  I mean check out that Steampunk Fob Watch (2013371).  Arantzazu has altered it up so beautifully with a mix of grunge and color that balances out so amazingly well, I just love it. The addition of the chain at the top is such a cool touch as well.  It’s alsways simple little things like that that really make a big impact!  As you can tell, Arantzazu is fantabulous at adding in details and then going the the extra mile by making those details even more spectacular by giving them special little touches.  Just check out all her little flowers.  Each are tucked in here, there, and everywhere with such care and then also have some gold finishing touches to blend in with the piece as a whole. I also spy some gold mica flakes, one of my favorite mediums, on the background of the shadow box.  If you haven’t tried these out I truly suggest you do.  They are so handy in adding some finishing details and giving projects that extra oomph, like Arantzazu has done here.

Before I go I’d like to share with you the meaning behind this project from Arantzazu:

“It symbolizes we symbolizes we must seize every good time with family, friends…”

Ahh yes, I couldn’t agree more.

Products Used

Shadow Box Rectangular, small (2012050)

Steampunk Fob Watch (2013371)

Celebrate Good Times (2014349)



Ahh, Miss Marta has brought us one of her magnificent art journal spreads.  She used an old book to create this in, she was very funny in pointing out to me it’s upside down, LOL, and this goes to prove you don’t need fancy supplies to get started in art journaling.  Just head on down to your local thrift store, grab an old book, and you’re good to go!  Now let’s talk about this amazing set of pages.  Marta started off by creating some texture using one of the newest stencils to the ScrapFX store, Number Party Stencil (2014342).  What is really cool about this stencil is how you get both the advantage of a geometric pattern and a number pattern together.  Talk about some bang for your buck. ;)  From this image you can see how Marta covered the majority of her pages with this texture but in the end she only played up a bit of the texture with color by spraying with some Lindy’s Stamp Gang mists.  To enhance her title for the spread, Marta very cleverly placed some stamping under it in bold black ink using a portion of the Flourish Swirl Stamp (2014341).  This was such a terrific use not only of the flourish stamp but of stamping in general.  It provided some additional visual interest to the page, a nice pop of bold black color, and helped balanced her upper corner embellishments on the right side of the spread.


Here you can see that upper right hand corner I was referring to a wee bit better.  Love how Marta chose to use the Crazy Circles (2014330) here.  They are such a fun piece to begin with but truly compliment the stencil she’s worked with so delightfully. You can also see how spectacular the texture Marta has created really is and the mist really sinks in to all the nooks and crannies.  Don’t you just dig that??  I think it’s one of my favorite parts of mixed media.  You just never know how exactly the outcome will be, but it sure is pretty – ha!

Products Used

Crazy Circles (2014330)

Number Party Stencil (2014342)

Flourish Swirl Stamp (2014341)

Capture the Moment mini (2014346)



For my project I also went with an art journal page of sorts that I plan of stapling in my homesteading journal as a fun insert to remind me of my first summer as a farmer.  To start off this page I created a rainbow background using my Dylusions sprays.  I only used three base colors to create this and allowed the blending of my mists to do the rest of the rainbow magic for me.  Once the mists were dried I used the Flower Pattern Stencil, small (2012155) with black paint to give the background some pattern.  I first used it on a different background, pushing the paint through it and then turned the stencil over to rub the extra paint off it onto this background.  Does that make sense?


From there I added my pictures, embellishments, and most importantly chippies ;) to finish of the page.  I cut apart the Feeding the Animals (2014307) to help it fit withing my page limits.  I also stamped on the word animals with the Chicken Wire stamp (2013382) to give it a bit more interest because as I’ve said before, what’s a farm page without a bit of chicken wire, right?  The last piece I had to add was one of the Mini Clouds (2013121) jazzed up with just a touch of glitter glue.  These are the perfect little accent to just about any project and of course since I’m totally smitten with clouds my projects often have them sprinkled here and there.  Oh and I almost forgot the stars!  Geesh how can I forget the cuties lil’ stars!!  They blend so well with the other sequins it’s easy not to even think of them as chippies but, yup, those golden gems sure are!  Be sure to nab yourself some of those Seeing Stars (2014238).  I know I’ll need to replenish soon since they are super handy.

Products Used

Seeing Stars (2014238)

Mini Clouds (2013121)

Feeding the Animals (2014307)

Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382)

Flower Pattern Stencil, small (2012155)



Song has created a page that is indeed Picture Perfect. ;)  She has created a mixed media playground for her kitty to sit upon and it is pure bliss to look at.  All of her wonderful layers just splendid starting with the paper strips and color foundation to the bits of granulated textured created by what appears to be microbeads.  Song also used the Maze Stencil (2012351) to help achieve some of this magnificent texture and I adore how everything just meshes together so beautifully as a whole, don’t you?  With this fantabulous foundation built Song was able to start building up with embellishments and chippies.  Notice how she masterfully tucked and layered up all her bits and pieces amongst each and mixed in some additional paper bits as well.  It really helped her design stay cohesive and concise with such a lovely amount of white space left.  I, for one, struggle with this, but she has done it so well!  I also love her choice of te black and white photos here.  They really pop amongst all the color.


Here you can see some of the chippies Song chose to use closer.  The variation of color she has added to alter them up really is so lovely and helps them blend right into the background.  I’m also thinking she may have used some gesso or other similar medium to hep attach them to the page to help further blend them in.  This is such a great technique to assist in creating a nice flow to your mixed media pages, especially when layering up like this.  The additional attention to details also really makes Song’s work standout.  Adding in the microbeads over the chippies, the layering of her flowers, the little glittery circles all play in to making her overall page a gorgeous feast for the eyes.  And of course you can’t forget the true star of the show – the kitty of course!! :)

Products Used

Number Crunch (2014238)

Crazy Circles (2014330)

Picture Perfect (2014353)

Maze Stencil (2012351)

There you have it folks, our first group post with part of the new design team!!  I hope you are as wowed as I was when I saw my inbox.  There are many great things to come, so be sure to stay tuned as the blog will be updated almost daily from here on out and you don’t want to miss a thing.  We also love hearing from you so be sure to let us know you were here and if you have projects of your own pop on by our Facebook page and share them with us.  We’d love to see what you’re working on!

Until next time, take care!!

Heart wall decor Tutorial – Anita Bownds

by Anita Bownds | 5 Comments

Hi everyone,
For our group post last month I made some wall décor for my scrap room
Moroccan Tile stamp
Chicken Wire Stamp
Scribble Heart, large 
Love & Laughter

Love and laughter wall decor - Anita Bownds oct 2014 Scrapfx DT (1)

So here is a little video I made showing you how I created it!

It was super fun and easy to make so I hope I’ve inspired you to make something to hang on your wall in your craft room
Happy crafting

“Introducing New Design Team Member Bec”

by Rebecca Genet | 4 Comments

Bec blog

Hi I’m Bec, a mum of one little girl who loves to pose as my model so I have endless photos of her to scrap. I’m a New Zealander living in Queensland Australia, I work by day as a lab chemist but spend all my spare time scrapbooking. I have always loved arts and crafts but for the past few years scrapbooking has been my main passion. I love to create feminine mixed media layouts with lots of flowers and pearls. I’ve only just starting blogging and sharing my pages, now I’m completely addicted and love reading others blogs for inspiration.


Hi, it’s Bec here to show you my very first projects for Scrap FX.

I had so much fun making these and playing with all my new products.

 I’ve got two layouts to show you today, my first one is titled Picture Perfect

p1010329 cropped

I used the Madeleine range of papers from Bo Bunny for this page. For the chipboard Picture Perfect and the Flourish Corner mini, I heat embossed them with black embossing powder.

To colour the Mini Swallows and Teagan’s Twig chipboard, I first coated them with gesso and then coloured them with Faber Castel Gelatos in Guava, Snow cone and Aqua dolce.

I used the Flourish Swirl Stamp with versamark ink and then heat embossed it with a mix of black and glitter pink embossing powders.

On the background I put some modeling paste through the Scribble Script Stencil.

To finish off I added colour with some sprays, added my flowers, embellishments and a few glass beads.

Here are my close ups

  p1010337 cropped  p1010335 croppedp1010338 cropped

p1010339 cropped  p1010341 cropped

The products I used on this page

Picture Perfect B 2014353

Mini Swallows 2013325

Flourish Corners, mini 2014340

Teagan’s Twig 2010058

Flourish Swirl stamp   2014341

Scribble Script Stencil 2013171


My second layout is titled “Precious Love”.

I made it with a photo of my Nana and my new Niece.

p1010429 cropped

I used papers and flowers from Prima’s Stationers Desk collection for this page.

I used two stencils, first was the Circle Weave Stencil which I used  Finnabair’s Art Basis 3D gloss gel.

Next I used the Chevron Small Stencil, where I traced the outline with a black pen then with a fine paint brush I coloured it with a black spray.

For the chipboards I coated both with gesso, then for the word precious I embossed with Lindy’s Stamp Gang embossing powder in Golden Angel Wings.

The Love Scribble Frame I coloured  the word love with Red Cherry and Black Licorice Gelatos, the outside circle was coloured with the Butterscotch Gelato then I embossed the frame with the Golden Angel Wings embossing powder.

I had a mini glass vial in my stash that I filled with glass beads and glitter, I also put a

bit of gesso over the edges of my flowers to make them look more distressed.

I used the Hash Stamps for my background stamping.

Here are my close ups

p1010418 cropped  p1010420 cropped

p1010422 cropped  p1010438 cropped

The products used on this page

Love Scribble Frame Large   2014334

Remember Wordlet Theme Pack 2011113

Chevron Small Stencil 2013188

Circle Weave Stencil 2014093

Hash Stamps 2014137

Hope you all enjoyed my layouts

See you next time