New Month New Design Team!

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What an exciting month for us at Scrap FX!

November marks the beginning of our brand new Design Team!

Yes, this month you will see some new faces and creations that I am sure will inspire you all!

Before the introductions begin let me give you all a sneak peek at what everyone has been playing with!

This month has a bit of a Birthday theme, but also has some cool pieces that fit the bill for a variety of uses, take a look at these little Birthday beauties:

Happy Birthday, miniBirthday Boy, mini

Mini words perfectly sized for cards, Project Life or to add to your pages.

Mini Patty Cakes

Gorgeous Mini Patty Cakes in 2 sizes.

Party FrameParty Theme Pack

This Frame surely creates a party mood as does the party theme pack.

But I have to say my favourites for the month are these mini Banners combining so well with these Months of the Year and Days of the Month chippies:

Mini BannersMonths of the YearDays of the Month

Oh and don’t let me forget the Year!

2014 Year Pack

I think my obsession with these will continue for a while yet take a look at how cute they are on a page!


pperfect Collage

I used the background stamps from last months release with embossing powder on this page as well as a brand new wordlet!

Recognise this popular frame from our existing range? Well we decided to make this one a little bigger, it looks fabulous!

Love Scribble Frame LARGE

We have a few cool embellishments too that can be customised to suit any page:

Crazy CirclesFunky Number Party

I have used a few here love how those circles turned out like wire with embossing powder!



Love the large number collage stamp I used in the background on this page and those Mini Banners, told you I was obsessed with them!

We thought we would add to our mini words because….. well we could!!

Family, miniCherish, mini

Capture the Moment, mini


family2 Collage

These “square” mini words are another fave so had to use them as soon as I got my hands on them. Also if you look hard you will see those gorgeous Lots of Love Hearts on my banners that really rock my world with a little embossing treatment.

We have a new stamp and stencil too, (that I am using on another page, just loved this release) cannot wait to see what the team come up with using these babies!

Flourish Swirl stamp

The Flourish Stamp is large enough to make quite an impact to the background of a page, and I think everyone can see the potential this Party Number Stencil:

Number Party stencil

Nearly done!

We cannot let a month go by without new wordlets to spark your imagination:

Picture Perfect BCelebrate Good TimesFun & Games

Phew!!! Yes I am done, be sure to get back to usregularly to welcome all the girls as they show their work for the first time with us, I can assure you they are an awesomely talented bunch, so inspiration will be running thick and fast!

Thanks for joining us,

don’t forget to show us what you create on our FB page, you never know, you may find yourself featured!

Happy crafting!


Get Your Stamp On – Group Post

by Scarlett | 2 Comments

Hi Fans!  It’s the end of the month and that means a portion of the team has come together to give you an inspiration overload, this time focusing on the spectacular stamps ScrapFX has to offer.  These crazy cool stamps are versatile, easy to work with using various mediums, and are sure to meet your stamping needs whether you’re making cards, LOs, or mixed media projects.  There’s truly something for everyone.  So let’s see what the team cooked up.


Love and laughter wall decor - Anita Bownds oct 2014 Scrapfx DT (1)

Anita has created a gorgeous piece of wall art using the Scribble Heart, Large (2013042) as her base.  This is such a brilliant use of this piece, don’t you think?  By backing it with some light toned patterned paper she was able to stamp an additional pattern atop it.  This created a lovely new look of visual interest but also complimented her magnificent handmade flowers as well.  These are always are a stunning addition to Anita’s work.

Love and laughter wall decor - Anita Bownds oct 2014 Scrapfx DT (2)

Here you can see how she used the Moroccan Tile Stamp (20133510) and the Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382) to layer up her stamping.  The Chicken Wire stamp appears to have been used first in a light shade of gray with the Moroccan Stamp followed up in turquoise.  This is such a quick and simple technique, but highly effective in building up layers of depth.  On the Love & Laughter (2013387) wordlet Anita used her signature technique of mixing up a couple colors to alter it.  This is a lovely way to get color on and provide variation as well.

Products Used

Love & Laughter (2013387)

Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382)

Moroccan Tile Stamp (2013351)

Scribble Heart, Large (2013042)



When I opened Cindy’s project and saw she had gone with a whimsical art journal page I was delighted!  I love seeing this side of her creative self and I think it help shows how these stamps stretch one’s creativity.  You just want to play with them in so many ways!  But let me get back to this amazing page…


It started off with a marvelous colored background enhanced by the Dot Stamp (2014289).  By stamping down portions of it Cindy was able to create depth to her background along with a subtle pattern in a complimenting hue.  This gave the sky a realistic look and also the illusion of texture without using any type of paste or medium.  Pretty cool, right?  Ahh… the power of stamping.


From there she used the Woodgrain Stamp (2014287) and the Diagonal Stamp (2014285) on the house.  She heat embossed her stamping to create the rich texture you see shining through. Heat embossing is not only a great way to achieve texture but to pop out pattern.  The woodgrain on this tree is so striking with the heat embossing and the door/windows patterns stand out more predominantly as well.


Cindy again used heat embossing for the roof pieces.  This time she used the Fish Scales Stamp (2014286).  I cannot tell you how much I love how she cut apart her embossed pieces and layered them on the roof!  It is such a cool dimensional element to this page and definitely something I’ll be storing away for later use as inspiration in one of my own projects.

Products Used

Dot Stamp (2014289)

Woodgrain Stamp (2014287)

Diagonal Stamp (2014285)

Fish Scales Stamp (2014286)

Mini Swallows (2013325)

Mini Suns (2013129)

Mini Road Bikes (2013135)



Claire makes me almost want Winter to arrive just so I can attempt to scrap it as incredibly as she has.  She truly set up a little Winter Wonderland on her page featuring lots of ScrapFX goodies to make it happen.  We’ll get to the background in a moment, but let’s talk about her use of those raw chippies…sigh…I know I always say it but Claire has such a knack of doing this.  The placement on the page amongst all her other goodies and embellishments is what really makes it work out so tremendously well.


Now on to her gorgeous background where some stamping in a unique way takes the show!  Claire chose to work with the Diagonal Stamp (2014285) and a watercolor based felt pen.  Now you may be asking yourself how in the world did she stamp with that??  Well I assure you she did and this is how:  first she colored the stamp with her felt pen.  Next she added a bit of water to it.  Finally she stamped it down giving it that cool watercolor look when finished on the background.  She switched colors and did this again to have the two different shades.  Pretty neat, huh?  I’m thinking I need to find some of those felt pens to play with!  She also used the Snowflakes Stencil (2014251) on the background with a sharp pen to outline some snowflakes, which is a lovely look under the stamping.  Subtle and effective.

Products Used

Snowflakes Stencil (2014251)

Diagonal Stamp (2014285)

Snowflakes G (2014240)

Baby It’s Cold Outside (2014260)



Misty created a magnificent background she placed onto a paper bag to use for gifting.  I love the essence of Fall she has captured in this project and how the bag has a real earthy feel/look to it.  She was kind enough to share a few photos of her background process so let’s see how to recreate this look:


She started off her background by dabbing the Woodgrain Stamp (2014287) with some gesso and the going over it again in certain areas with some modeling paste.


This is what it looked like all stamped out.  You can see how the texture from the gesso and modeling paste varies but is definitely present.


To bring out the texture of the stamping Misty sprayed some brown glimmer mist over the background stamping.  This really popped out the texture and brought the background to life.  At this point she cut down the background to fit on her bag.


Here you can see how Misty put another fabulous ScrapFX stamp, the Leaves B Elm (2013345), to use and created some remarkable embellishments for her bag.  Not only do these look realistic, but they’re a lot cheaper than store bought! ;)  So those leaves paired with that stunning handmade flower Misty made makes for the perfect way to accent this bag.  I know I’d be saving this for sure.

Products Used

Leaves B Elm Stamp (2013345)

Woodgrain Stamp (2014287)

Well there you have it, a variety of ways to stamp your heart out using the ScrapFX line of stamps.  But honestly?  This doesn’t even begin to cover all the amazing stamping techniques and ways you can the designs ScrapFX has available for you.  So be sure to check them out and add some to your collection!  If you’ve already been stamping away, we’d love to see, be sure to show your stuff off on our Facebook page.

Until next time, take care!!

‘Keep Calm and carry on’ by Marta

by Marta Lapkowska | 2 Comments

Hey there,

It’s Marta here :) :) :)

Today I would love to share with you my 3 projects: two tags and art journal page. All three works are created within the same colour scheme. I hope you will enjoy my creations.

First up are my two tags. In both creations I used stencil and stamps to create the backround. Coloured it with Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays. I added papers from 7Dots Studio.

P1210335 P1210339 P1210334 P1210340

Used products:

Frankenstein Frame  Tennis Racquet  Diagonal stamp  Fish Scales stamp

Triangle Maze stamp  Dot stamp  Hash Stencil


My second project to share is my mixed media art journal page. I just loooove, adore creaing journals. The given freedom of creating is priceless. I hope you have some journal yourself. If not, grab some old book and start creating. Experiment and enjoy !

This project has one of my favourire word chipboard and dot stamp.




Dot stamp  {Excellence.....

I hope you have enjoyed my inspirations. I will see you soon :)

Love, Marta xx

Creating a Textured Background on Canvas

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Hi ScrapFX Peeps!  Scarlett with you again, this time sharing up a tutorial on one way to create some magnificent texture in some fairly easy steps.

Here is the canvas I’ll be making in today’s tutorial:


It’s a tiny 5×7 canvas but packs a powerful little punch in my opinion. ;)

To create this all you need are a few ScrapFX stencils, some of your favorite mediums, paints, a background stamp, and of course chippies! :)


Step One: Adhere some scrunched up tissue paper to your canvas using gel medium.  Allow this dry.  *Note when adhering tissue paper I use soft gel medium in thin layers which dries pretty quickly.  This also keeps the tissue paper from tearing.  If you don’t have soft gel medium handy, no worries, regular gel medium will work just be gentle or you can use something like modge podge as well.

Once the tissue paper layer is dry, apply glass bead gel on to the canvas through the Ice Shards Stencil (2014252).  I chose glass beads gel because it has a bumpy quality to it and dries clear.  If you don’t have this gel you can create you own type by using gel medium and adding in beads. ;)  Allow this layer to dry fully – no heat guns as it will not dry clear.


Step Two: Now that the bead gel is dry color can be laid on to the canvas.  With a pouncing brush begin with shades of pink.  Start by pouncing the lightest shade on first and proceed to the darkest shade.  There is no need to switch brushes at all during this process, use the same one.  You can, however, add in some water to help blend along the way.  Be sure to leave a few open white spaces for the next layer of color and don’t over think where or how you are pouncing color on.


Step Three: Go over the canvas with shades of blues in the same manner the shades of pinks were applied.  I have used one shade of metallic in this application.  At this point you may be thinking ‘oh man this is a hot mess!’ – I encourage you keep pushing forward – it’ll come together.


Step Four: The final set of colors to be layered on are some shades of purple.  Use these sparingly as there have already been shades of purple mixed together by the pinks and blues.  This is really be layered on to give the canvas some depth and dimension and to help the Ice Shard patterning pop.  Plus it helps pull out from that hot mess zone in to a ‘hey this isn’t half bad’ zone.


Step Five: To brighten the canvas and give it a more wintery look take a clean pouncing brush and apply some pearl white and silver paint about the canvas, focusing mainly on the edges where the Ice Shard stenciling is.


Step Six: Create your wintery scene by adding some ‘snowflakes’ with the Random Dots Stencil (2013172) and some modeling paste.  At this time you can also add some at the bottom portion of the canvas for landscape.


Step Seven: While the paste is still wet, smoosh two of the Snowflakes F Clear Stencil/Embellishment (2014239) into it.  Once the paste has dried it’ll act as the adhesive for these.  Add a little turquoise glitter to each of the snowflakes to make them pop.   At this point I also sprinkled a little glass glitter on to the paste at the bottom for some additional glimmer and texture.

Here is a closer look at them:


These snowflakes are such a fun addition to the store and I’m glad I have one more left to play with… perhaps some fun imprinting will be in order before that one becomes an embellishment.

Alrighty, back to the tut…


Step Eight: Ink up a background stamp with some black ink and randomly stamp onto canvas.  Take care to overlap some on the landscape portion * Note: Most people choose to do background stamping right away, like before they put paste on a project or before they add embellishments.  I do this at times as well, but there are also times like this where I do add some things first and then do background stamping.  Why?  Well because I think it helps keep one from over stamping.  I didn’t want my whole background covered with little black snowflakes.  I knew I wanted them at some point to give some nice contrast, but if I did it first I could have easily over done it. Plus I wouldn’t have been able to stamp into my paste which is kind of a cool effect.  So my ultimate tip here is don’t be afraid to break your normal order of doing things. ;)


Step Nine: Add your chippies and other embellishments to finish of your project. *Note:  I had all my chippies and embellishments altered and ready to be adhered to the canvas prior to working on it so I could use the wet paste as my adhesive.  I simply smooshed each piece in the paste and added a bit more where needed to help it look a little more settled and realistic.

Here is a close up for you:


Other then having to wait for pastes to dry this canvas came together fairly quickly.  I was also able to build up a nice little stash of altered chippies because shucks, when you have paste mixed up to alter up two trees you might as well alter up a whole bag of them right? Right.  That is another of my little tips to you – take time out to just and play with your chippies and mediums some day!  You’ll have a heap of custom embellishments in no time and it’s a great way to pass the time while everyone else is watching TV. ;)

Products Used

Snowflakes F Clear Stencil/Embellishment (2014239)

Random Dots Stencil (2013172)

Ice Shards Stencil (2014252)

Antler Animals (2012234)

Baby It’s Cold Outside (2014260)

Christmas Trees, mini (2007384)

I hope you enjoyed today’s tutorial and were able to take away something useful!  If you use any of the tips/techniques shared here I’d love to see them in action so please remember to link up your projects on our Facebook page.

Have a super weekend!

On the Farm

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Hi All!  Scarlett with you today to share a bit of  my life on the farm.  I will admit it takes a ton of work, but the benefits far out weigh the sore body at the end of the day.

First up a journal cover:


On my farm I have 17 chooks that give me fresh eggs daily, 5 goats with another coming home soon, and 2 piglets on the way too!  Not to mention all the roos we had.  Boy oh boy it’s a lot to keep up with let me tell you.  I thought it’d be a grand idea to make a journal to keep track of all their needs and what not.  Of course, one cannot just simply have a bare journal for these sorts of things, right? Right.  So, I grabbed up some of my latest ScrapFX goodies along with a few favs and started creating.


To start off my cover I coated it with some gesso and then went to town playing with my paints to cover it up.  While the paints were still a bit tacky I brushed some metallic blue paint onto the Woodgrain Stamp (2014287) and pressed it about the cover.  I wasn’t worried about getting a perfect image across the entire length of the journal, just tried to make sure the pattern showed up where I did press it in.


After that was dry, which was pretty quickly, I went to town adding in some more random stamping with the Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382) because what’s a farm project without a bit of chicken wire? and of course I had to have some clouds made with the Clouds A Happy Stamps (2014248) ;)  For the On the Farm (2007216) wordlet I again took to stamping for a quickie technique to help add a little extra pop.  This time I used the new Triangle Maze Stamp (2014288).   The animals on here were jazzed up with a bit of paint and adhered with some pop dots and a bit of liquid adhesive where they actually hit the cover or fabric.

Products Used

Woodgrain Stamp (2014287)

Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382)

Clouds A Happy Stamps (2014248)

On The Farm (2007216)

Triangle Maze Stamp (2014288)

Farmyard Set (2009051)

I’d have to say though my favorite thing so far about being a farmer are the goat nuzzles.  Sure I love to watch my little chook’s booties run about and the fresh produce/eggs are delicious!  But there is absolutely nothing like getting a soft little nuzzle in the face from a sweetie like this:


This is Twilight and she is one of my doelings that’s about 8 months old now.  When I captured this shot of her I knew right away I’d scrap it immediately and the Precious, midi (2013212) was the perfect chippie to use on here, nothing more needed.  For the background I used the Hash Stencil (2014290) to break up some of the mustard color and I think it gives a bit of additional country charm to the page as well.


Here you can see the Precious midi a bit better, as well as the leaves that were stamped onto patterned paper using the Leaves A Simple Stamp (2013344). A bit of chicken wire was on this project too in the form of chipboard this time thanks to the Chicken Wire, medium (2014003) piece.

Products Used

Hash Stencil (2014290)

Precious, midi (2013212)

Leaves A Simple Stamp (2013344)

Chicken Wire, medium (2014003)

Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382)

Lots of Love (2014197)

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse in to life on the farm with me.  There is definitely more to come s I have oodles of pictures and adventures to share.  Until then, take care!

“Art Journal Fabulousness” by Misty.

by Misty | 3 Comments

Hi friends!  Misty here to share a what I’ve created with this months fun stamps, stencils, and chipboard.

First, a journal page…


One of my all time favorite chipboard sets is an oldie but a goodie.  The large cogs.  They are huge and I love that I can piece them out to make multiple designs with them.



I’ve misted them with some tattered angels and embossed them for some fun distressed texture.



The background is made using layers of mists, stenciling, and stamping.  The new stamps are perfect for background distressing…



Products used:

large cogs

“against the clock”

clock hands

diagnol stamp

triangle maze stamp

dot stamp

hash stencil

Next, is another journal page using the other parts of the large cogs…



It says “Passion is useless without action”.



This background was created by stamping multiple layers with the fish scale stamp (as well as layers of mists).  This stamp is definitely a new favorite of mine and will be used often!



For the title pieces I used the word “passion” from the imagine theme pack and the word “action” from the “a piece of action” theme pack.  I will use the parts that I cut from it later!   That is what I love so much about these chippies, it’s so easy to customize your pieces to fit your artwork.

Products Used:

Large Cog

Fish Scale Stamp

“a piece of the action”

“imagine” theme pack

Thank you for stopping by!

 Hope you have a great week…

Halloween: A Reason to Spook!

by Elisabeth Bakken | 2 Comments


together with you,

my friend!

So, yet again: Are you ready to spook and be spooked?!

Halloween is coming, and you might need a card for the party-host,

some gift bags and some tiny treats for when the doorbell rings?

To decorate it all, you will find so many fun things to do it with,

at ScrapFX.

  Check out the news for october!



Here is my card for the hostess of the Halloween-party I’m going to:


I kept it simple with the right colors and feel. The pieces I’ve used are:

Skeleton transparency.

Skull and crossbones.



I also used the skull and crossbones on the little goodiebox.

I can’t wait to give it away!




Thank you for stopping by today.

Hugs, Elisabeth

Announcing the new design team……!

by admin | 8 Comments

Scrap FX would like to thank the many, many creative artists who applied for the design team, and shared their amazing projects, style and passion for creating.

We would like to welcome to the Scrap FX Design Team:

Alison Callcott  –  Australia

Bec Genet  –  Australia

Arantzazu Sangrador  –  Spain

Cindy Brown  –  Canada

Elodie Goossens  –  Belgium

Irina Gerschuk  –  Russia

Katie Zoey Ho  –  Singapore

Song Li  –  US

These ladies will be joining the current talented DTmembers:

Anita Bownds

Cindy Porter

Claire Barrin

Elisabeth Bakken

Marta Lapkowska

Misty Russell

Scarlett Salamone

Please visit the Scrap FX blog soon to see the new members introduced and their stunning creations.

We will also have lots of new guest designers too!

Thank you to all who applied once again.


Stencil Delight and Excellence by Claire

by Claire Barrin | 1 Comment

Hello Scrap FX fans!

What about some new layouts?

For the first one, I worked on my background with the Rose Stencil and waterbased fely pens, and a bit of water.


I did the whole stencil like this. In the end, the colours were a bit too bright, that’s why I used tracing paper to cover it a bit.

I then outlined the roses in black directly on the tracing paper.



Items used:

Delight, mini

Rose Stencil


On the second layout, I used leaves…

stamped leaves (Leaves A Simple, stamp)…


and outlined leaves (from Leaf set stencil)



Items used:

Leaf set stencil,


Leaves A Simple, stamp

Have a nice day!

‘Escape to nature’ VIDEO tutorial by Marta

by Marta Lapkowska | 2 Comments

Hello my friends,

It’s Marta here today. I am happy to share with you my fast and easy mixed media card.


On this tutorial you can see how to create very simple but interesting mixed media backround. By using stencils and stamps you can achieve some wonderful results. I also used some Finnabair mixed media line and Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays. I hope you will enjoy my short video.




Used products:

Dot stamp    Triangle Maze stamp   Hash Stencil   Frankenstein Frame   escape to nature

Sending you my warm hugs,

Marta xx