Going Off…the Page – Group Post

by Scarlett | 1 Comment

Hey There ScrapFX Fans!  Lots of us enjoy creating to preserve memories, document the day-to-day, to escape our families (admit it you do this – ha!), or send off a lovely note every now and then.  Sometimes however it’s fun to create something out of the ordinary and just explore a different avenue.  Whether it be a canvas creation, a mini album, or perhaps a card if you’re not typically a card maker.  So today we’re going to show you just how versatile ScrapfX products are in helping you go off the page in creating some really unique and fun projects.

Let’s get those creative juices flowing with Anita, shall we?


A Beautiful Moment - Anita Bownds september 2014 ScrapfxDT (1)

What does one do when their clock breaks?  Well, if you’re a super talented person like Anita is, you turn it in to a stunning piece a wall art!!  Oh me, oh my this piece is gorgeous and I can tell you that I know I wouldn’t have really thought of keeping my old, broken down clock until I saw this piece.  Anita has taken apart the old clock, added some beautiful patterned papers to back it, some paint around the edges, and then layered it up with her photo and some ScrapFX goodies.  When it’s all wrote out it seems easy enough right? LOL.  Obviously this took her oodles of time to construct but with a wee bit of patience one could easily have a beautiful trash-to-treasure piece just like this thanks to her fantabulous inspiration.   Let’s take a closer look.

A Beautiful Moment - Anita Bownds september 2014 ScrapfxDT (2)

Here you can better see all the chippies Anita used on the piece, along with her outstanding homemade flowers.  It worked out perfectly that ScrapfX has Clock Hands (2012330) chippies.  The other thing that is perfection on this piece is how Anita executes tucking and placing her other chippies.  You can see a bit of the Chicken  Wire, medium (2014003) peeking out from the top of her paper layers and all throughout the piece she has flourish pieces here and there amongst her flowers.  All of this hard work on her part contributes to the flow of the piece making it, again, such a stunning piece.

Products Used

Steampunk Corner B – Clock Hands (2012330)

Chicken Wire, medium (2014003)

A Beautiful Moment (2014224)

Flourish V (20121181)



Elisabeth has gone with a mini album to document her gardening.  I think any gardener would be delighted to have this has their journal, don’t you?  She has layered up piles of magnificently gorgeous details atop the Mini Feathers (2013233) base.  What I find so spectacular about this is this is normally the portion people would discard.  Instead she has put it to use as a layering bit.  It looks tremendous this was too!  She has also used feathers from the piece amongst her embellishments which I think enhances the use of the base, especially with the yellow against the green.  Pure sunshine delight!

Products Used

Mini Feathers (2013233)



I must admit when I saw Cindy’s project my whimsical heart went a flutter!!  If only this little carousel could be mine, LOL.  It is just so sweet and unbelievably realistic.  What is even more incredible is this creation is completey constructed out of chipboard!  I’ll give you a moment to ponder that…


Working with the 1.8 mm 12×12 Chipboard Sheet (2013409) Cindy went to town and constructed this.  By using various mediums, the Moroccan Tile Stencil (2013352), the Random Dots Stencil (2013172), and her magnificent creativity she transformed the plain chipboard in to a whimsical wonderland.  She highlighted her texture splendidly by popping it out using various color mediums from her palette and it almost gives it a swirling feeling as if there is movement happening.  The Carousel Horses (2011135) were each painted with such care and I love that have purple manes to really pop against all the turquoises, blues, and greens of the base.


Here you can how the Random Dots Stencil was incorporated a bit better.  Isn’t it bubba-licious??  I really wish I could touch this piece in person – yes I’m sensory driven like that – but don’t you want to touch it too?  You also get a really great look at all the other details Cindy added in to make this piece come to life.  The flowers, baubles, lace, and trims really just pull everything together to finish off this piece in a grand fashion.

Products Used

1.8 mm 12×12 Chipboard Sheet (2013409)

Moroccan Tile Stencil (2013352)

Random Dots Stencil (2013172)

Carousel Horse (2011135)

Doodad G (2008173)



Claire has made a charming little box to stash treasures galore in and how brilliant is this design?  I for one have been saving stamp after stamp that has come to me from Australia, France, and other great lands where I’ve been blessed to receive happy mail from, yet I’ve been at a loss as to what to do with them.  Do you do this too?  Not wanting to use my stamps carelessly, this truly inspires me on how to put them to good use and keep other memories at the same time – bonus!  Another bonus about this project is it looks as though it was pretty quick and to the point.  A bit of color medium to the top of the lid, add the stamps, add a photo, add some lettering, and a ScrapfX wordlet = done.  Truly a marvelous little project.

Products Used

Escape to Nature (2014109)



Misty has rocked out her steampunk style with a super stellar hair clip.  I would totally wear this if there wasn’t a fear of this getting lost in my über curly hair – ahahaha!  Seriously though I’m always in awe of how Misty can bring on the texture to everything she creates and yet all the chippies maintain their detail.  For example check out those Mini Flying Wings (2013232).  They have major chunky texture goodness going on yet you can see every detail still.  Love that! Don’t even get me started about those Cogs (2007184) because I know she took the heat gun to those bad boys and let me tell you, I’d be in the ER with some third degree burns if I attempted texture like that – ha!  Just kidding it might not be that bad… but still she has serious skills so it’s a good thing she shares her videos here for us every now and then. ;)  So the next time you’re looking to jazz up your hair accesories, why not check out your ScrapFX stash?  I know I may be heading to mine for my DDs upcoming homecoming.  This is just the inspiration boost I needed to give her something no one else will have!

Products Used

Mini Flying Wings (2013232)

Cogs (2007184)



For my project I decided to alter a frame for my kitchen to show off some of my farm fresh eggs my chooks are giving me.  I used a peeled paint technique around the edges of the frame and then added some of my all time favorite alphas on top – the mighty Itty Bitty Bets!!  This time in the Typewriter font.  Once those were adhered I went about decorating the inside of my frame.  With a bit of decorative tissue, some burlap, and Chicken Wire, small (2014004) I was ready to add my finishing touches.


Here you can see the texture of the frame a bit better and also see how the Chicken Wire, small was altered by heat embossing with some Platinum UTEE.  By using UTEE instead of regular embossing powder I was able to achieve a more bumpy texture with my heat embossing.

Products Used

Chicken Wire, small (2014004)

Itty Bitty Bets “Typewriter” (2005103)

Six designers and six completely different ideas for off-the-page projects.  Do you enjoy going off…the page that is. ;)  We’d love to be inspired by your creativity too so be sure to share your projects with us on our Facebook page!  Until next time, take good care.

Feelin’ “Frozen”! by Misty

by Misty | 2 Comments


Misty here to share a couple of layouts with you using the frosty new chipboard and stencils…


I used the ice shards stencil in the background with modelling paste.

( I really want to rename it “frozen fractal” thanks to having to listen to “let it go”  a million times).



I also used the snowflake stencil and chipboard.

I painted them with gesso and then covered them with some glittery embossing powder to create an icy look…



I felt like the page needed some tiny snowflakes so I decided to use the stars to fill in for them…

Products Used:

Ice Shards stencil

Snowflakes stencil

seeing stars

Snowflakes G



I have a page created with the fun cloud stamps and one of the beautiful new flourishes.




Once again I used the Frozen Fractals ice shards stencil in the background and then added the little stars and some random stamping with the adorable cloud stamps…

Products Used

Ice Shards stencil

Flourish 9 (wind)

Clouds A (Happy)

clouds B (dream)

mini flying wings

That’s all I have for today!

Thanks for stopping by…

Ho Ho Ho!

by Elisabeth Bakken | 4 Comments

Getting ready for Christmas!

It’s true: Christmas is moving in on us, and it’s now _under_ three months till.

I like to be well prepared with some christmas-scrapwork, and ScrapFX is an earlybird on Christmas chipboard.

Here are some goodies for you:


Here goes:


The card is made with:

Christmas, modern.

Snow-flakes G.



The small box is made with:

Seeing stars




The transparent box is made with:

Seeing stars

Flourish 10-twister


I hope you are feeling a bit of the christmas spirit right now,

and are ready to get to those cards and treats!




“Out and About” with Claire.

by Claire Barrin | 1 Comment

Dear Scrap Fx fans,

Claire writing with some new designs.


As I was planning on going to Japan, I asked Jill, the talented designer and owner of Scrap FX, whether she could design me Japan-related chipboards…

And she made a whole theme pack!

In this layout I used the “Tokyo” bit of it…


 and also one of the new Banners B that I cut in half to make it go from one side to another of my picture.




Items used:

Japan Theme Pack,

Banners B.


The second layout is featuring one of the latest releases

Outdoor Adventures“.

I used it as a title, after I painted it in black.


 you can see on this picture that I filled in some of the lettrers of my chipboard…


Item used:

Outdoor Adventures.

Thanks for stopping by!

Delight in the Little Things – Cards and a Journal Page

by Scarlett | 2 Comments

Hi ScrapFX Peeps!  Scarlett with you today to show a few smaller scale projects which are absolutely perfect to showcase the variety of mini pieces recently released and to stamp on.  First up some cards.


This card was a lot of fun to make and I used up a ton of tidbits in doing so.  Therefore I truly ‘delighted in the little things’ ;)

I started off by using the Ice Shards Stencil (2014252) with some ink to create a pattern on my patterned paper background.  From there I cut apart a bunch of mixed media scraps I had already created in to rectangles and glued them around the border.  I painted the Delight, mini (2014255) piece with black paint and while it was still wet sprinkled it with some fairy dust glitter.  I went back and dusted the glitter off in certain areas so it was covered to heavily.

Here is a closer look:


I really loved how easily this piece fit on my card.  The dimension of this one is 5×5, which is typical for me, but I can see how these would easily fit suit other sizes as well.  I think it’s a sweet alternative to your everyday stamped or sticker sentiment don’t you?

Products Used

Delight, mini (2014255)

Ice Shards Stencil (2014252)

Feather Stamps (2013249)

Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382)

Random Dots Stencil (2013172)

Abstract Stencil (2013181)


For this card I began by stamping various stamps from both the Clouds A Happy (2014248) set and the Clouds B Dream (2014249) set with VersaMark ink.  I then heat embossed them with some sparkly embossing powder.  Next I scribbled color on the card with my NeoColors II and wet them down with a waterbrush to blend.  What I loved about this technique was the embossed clouds resisted the color yet it did in fact seep into the patterns of the clouds allowing those to shine through.  While you can’t see it all that fabulously in the picture, it is pretty neat in real life.  To finish off my card I added some fun ScrapFX pieces along with other a few other embellishments and it was a wrap.

Here is a close up of the happy cloud so you can see how the details shine through a bit better:


Isn’t that neat?  You can also see how it really worked out nicely on the confetti cloud.  I can’t wait to use these clouds more.  I feel like they were made just for my cloud lovin’ self, LOL!!!  Be prepared to be cloud inspired – ha!

Products Used

Clouds B Dream Stamps (2014249)

Clouds A Happy Stamps (2014248)

Post & Rail Fence, Woodgrain (2012073)

Leaf Buttons, mini (2010007)

Finally I have a journal page to share but it isn’t your typical page.  I have started Bible journaling and while I know this isn’t for everyone it is a great way for me to connect my faith and love of art.


Here I’ve used the Circle Weave Stencil (2014093) with some Dylusions mist to start the base of my journaling.  Next I stamped with some of the Clouds A Happy and Clouds B Dream stamps, then added my Wonder, mini (2014253) piece.  After that I jazzed up some of the new Seeing Stars (2014238) with some homemade glitter glue and the adhered them to the page along with my letter stickers and additional journaling block.


Here you can see just how wonderfully all these pieces work in my Bible as they are so thin and won’t cause much bulk as I continue to journal, but truly this is a benefit for anyone choosing to use ScrapFX items in their journals.  You get the awesome benefit of dimension without too much excessive bulk.  One more thing to mention here is about the arrow on this page.  It is a handmade embellishment and was created on sticky back canvas using modeling paste and the Arrows Stencil, small (2012379).  When I make these I tend to make them in large quantities and this way I have a stash for easy grabbing.

Products Used

Arrows Stencil, small (2012379)

Circle Weave Stencil (2014093)

Wonder, mini (2014253)

Seeing Stars (2014238)

Clouds A Happy Stamps (2014248)

Clouds B Dream Stamps (2014249)

Thanks so much for joining me today.  I hope you take some time to delight in the little things as well.  :)

Making Beautiful Music!

by Cindy Porter | 3 Comments

Hi everyone it’s Cindy here with you today, thanks for joining me…
Today I’d like to share with you a project I created for a bit of fun with Scrap FX and a load of Lindy’s Stamp Gang products….

My Altered Guitar; Timeless Beauty.

This guitar was found in the junk pile of a thrift shop, they didn’t even think it was worth selling, how wrong were they…. thanks to a friend of mine, I ended up with it, and I had so much fun altering it…

I started with a gesso base coat to give myself a workable surface.

I used pan pastels to colour and shade her face.


I used the Industrial Chic Starburst spray set to colour the guitar and flowers, this is still my favourite Starburst set, I totally love them….


I used lots of the Scrap FX  Flourish D flourishes around the flower clusters.  I painted up these flourishes using the LSG magicals powders and a wet paint brush, the Industrial Chic set of course. Using the magicals instead of the sprays allows you to get a more concentrated colour and shine.


I created lots of texture in her hair. I coloured it with more Lindy Stamp Gang Sprays, and I gave it sheen and shine with Lindy’s two tone embossing powders in bronze, copper and gold toning’s.

I used the Scrap FX title Timeless Beauty again painted up with magicals and the Flourish F flourish also painted up with magicals in her hair.


to finish off the neck of the guitar I used the Scrap FX Flourish V, once again painted up with the Lindy’s Stamp Gang magicals.

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I enjoyed creating it. 

Scrap FX products used:

Flourish D

Flourish V

Flourish F

Timeless Beauty 


till next time

Happy Creating



by Claire Barrin | 2 Comments

Good morning dear Scrap FX fans,

Claire here to share some designs I made with the new novelties.


First a layout:


I worked on my background outlining the new Ice Shards stencil,


Then I stamped the Clouds A HAPPY stamp with watercolours, before drawing the edges with black ink.


And I added some Seeing Stars


item used: Ice Shards stencil,

Clouds A HAPPY stamp.

Seeing Stars


My second design is a personal file I made to organise better our home and chores…


I used Chicken Wire, mediuim, Bag of Letters CLASSIC Lower Case, Feather Stamps to decorate the front cover,



and Leaves A Simple, stamp to create separators.


item used: Chicken Wire, mediuim,

Bag of Letters CLASSIC Lower Case,

Feather Stamps,

Leaves A Simple, stamp.


Have a nice day.

‘The Sky’s the Limit’ VIDEO tutorial by Marta

by Marta Lapkowska | 4 Comments

Hello there,

As promised I am coming back to you with full step by steo VIDEO tutorial of my recent layout.

In the vieo you will find all the info about products used to create this project. As you can see I used beautiful chipboards Sky’s the Limit and Flourish 09 Wind. To build my backround I used Ice Shards stencil – it’s another must have amazing backround stencil. As mixed media lover I have also used Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays and new Finnabair mediums line – artbasics and artextravagance.

P1210074 (2)

Products used:

Flourish 09 Wind Ice Shards stencil The sky's the limit

I hope you will enjoy the video. If you will have any questions please leave some comment under the video and I will be happy to answer.


Marta xx

Wonder & Baby it’s cold Outside

by Cindy Porter | 3 Comments

Hi everyone it’s Cindy here, thanks for joining me today…
Today I’d like to share with you a couple of layouts I created with some of the new releases…
first up is “Wonder”

 I adore this photo of my nephew with his reflection… he was totally mesmerized 


 This month Scrap FX released a new stencil “Ice Shards Stencil” isn’t it fantastic….

just look at those shapes…


I used modelling paste with the stencil to create all this gorgeous texture, and water colour pencil to highlight the shapes…


This month Scrap FX also released some new flourishes, this one is Flourish 12 scribble… isn’t it gorgeous, I love it… I think it’s my new favourite flourish…  also in this release were some more new mini titles… I used the Wonder, mini for this layout, isn’t it awesome, I am loving these smaller titles…
Scrap FX Products used:
Ice Shards Stencil
Flourish 12 scribble
Wonder, mini


Next up I’d like to share with you another layout I created with the latest releases “Baby it’s cold outside”

When I saw the new title “Baby it’s cold outside” I knew had had the perfect photo…

Henri all curled up hiding under my hoodie, doesn’t he look like he’s trying to keep warm…


I used the Ice Shards Stencil with ink to create the border and background…


 to create texture I used the new Snowflakes Stencil… isn’t the detail just gorgeous, so fine and delicate…


Another one of the new flourishes Flourish 11 Swirl, love it…. One of my favourite things about working with chipboard is the flexibility it gives you…  this new flourish originally encroached too far onto my photograph, so two quick snips and I could adjust it to suit perfectly….


 Check out these wonderful acrylic snowflakes, they come in a pack of three…
aren’t they stunning…


And as I said the title was just perfect for my photo of Henri; Baby it’s cold outside, I painted it with gesso and then used some stickles to give it a little sparkle…

Scrap FX products used:

Snowflakes F clear stencil/embellishment
Baby it’s cold outside
Flourish 11 Swirl
Snowflakes Stencil
Ice Shards Stencil


I hoped you enjoyed the look at some of the newly released products,
till next time,
happy creating,

Be awesome and smile by Marta

by Marta Lapkowska | 3 Comments

Hello friends :)

It’s Marta here with my September inspiration. Today I would love to share with you my 3 creations.

First to share are my two cards. Did you know that mixed media can be used even on the cards? You don’t have to limit yourself to layouts or journal pages to use your mediums and masks. I love making cards with mediums touch, it’s smaller surface to work with and sometimes more challenging.

First card is mix of turquoise and brown shades. To build my backround I used modeling paste and Ice Shards stencil. I sprayed design with Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays. I added beautiful Flourish 12 scribble chipboard. Wording is stamped.



Ice Shards stencil Flourish 12 Scribble

Second card is in brown colours. I used beautiful papers from 7 Dots ‘Nature Walk’. Here I also used the same Ice Shard stencil with white ink. You can also see few splashes of Lindy’s Stamp Gang sprays. I added Flourish 10 Twister chipboard. As final touches I added few dots of liquid pearls.



Flourish 10 Twister Ice Shards stencil

My third creation is my art journal page. In this project once again I used fantastic Ice Shards stencil. If you will look closer you will see that design created with stencil is not even. I didn’t use only white modeling paste but also 3D transparent gel medium from Artbasics from Finnabair. Gel medium and paste reacted differently for sprays from Lindy’s Stamp Gang. While mediums were still wet i sprinkled it with glitter from artExtravagance by Finnabair – the blue shading was created with glitter.


I also stamped some stars with Star Spangles stamp.

Star Spangles stampIce Shards stencil

I hope you have enjoyed my mixed media creations :) My next inspiration for you will be here next week and I will have step by step video tutorial for you.

I hope I will see you here soon.

Love, Marta x