Feeling Sketchy – July Group Post

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Hi ScrapFX Fans!  It’s that time again where a number of the DT come together to share up a bunch of inspiration for you based around a common theme.  As I’m sure you’ve guessed this month the group post team has been cooking up creations based on a fabulous sketch created by our very own Claire.  She is a brilliant sketch artist and all the takes are varied and outstanding.  First take a look at the über cool sketch:


Claire’s sketches are always so full of possibilities!  Lots of room for layers and mixed media happenings with that white space going on – or simply leave that white space open for a nice clean and simple look.  It’s really up to you and you and your interpretation.  So let’s see what the team did with the sketch.



This page from Claire is not only an explosion of color but pure sweetness to look at.  Those kissy faces her girls and she are making are just the cutest and she has captured this moment beautifully set amongst this page.  Let’s take a look at it all started:


Here is her custom made background before she started building up on it.  This by itself is worthy of a great quote and frame, don’t you think?  To create this look Claire used many stencils and stamps.  She worked her watercolor magic with the Arrows Stencil, Large (2012378) and the proceeded to stamp withing those arrows using a variety of ScrapFX stamps.  I really love the effect the Chevron Spot Stamps (2014154) and the Chicken Wire Stamps (2013382)  have inside the arrows.  I’m also amazed at how perfectly she was able to get some of those stamps to fit! The last bit of interest Claire added here was some stamping using the Palm Fronds Stencil (2012164).  I love how it covers over some of the arrows, blends some of the colors naturally, and allows the background to have depth and dimension without adding any bulk.

Here you can see how the Leaves A Simple Stamps (2013344) and Blossom Stem Stamp (2013256) were used to create some delightful little embellishments.  I delight in how Luckie colors her stamps and then highlights them in black.  It really is such a striking technique and one would never really know these weren’t hand drawn leaves because they’re so delicately perfect.


I’ll leave you with one more close up just because that kissy face is truly adorable and you can also get a good look at how Claire simply uses some numbers, flair, and another little embellishment to title this page and tell its story.  Really the photo speaks itself here.  She has created a wonderland of background and embellishments to surround and that’s all it needs.

Products Used:

Chevrons Spots Stamps (2014154)

Chicken Wire Stamp (2013382)

Palm Frond Stencil (2012164)

Leaves A Simple Stamp (2013344)

Blossom Stem Stamp (2013256)

Arrows Stencil Large (2012378)


In Flight in a heartbeat - Anita Bownds 2014 Scrapfx DT (1) -1

Anita’s take on the sketch is a gorgeous capture of nature.  She has a really great eye and if you follow her on her blog or Instagram you’ll know that many of her creations have outstanding nature shots just like this one on it.  The serene colors she has chosen here are so soothing and really remind me of down home country goodness, know what I mean?  The bits of floral patterns also bring this out but not in an overwhelming way, they are each kept small and subtle so as not to take away from the beautiful little subject.

In Flight in a heartbeat - Anita Bownds 2014 Scrapfx DT (3) -1

When I first saw this page, I enjoyed the little viwemaster discs about the page.  I thought they were such a cute little embellishment to enhance the theme of her love for photographing nature.  Then the next thing that struck me was the super clever use of the heartbeat themed items.  I love how she used the Heartbeat Borders up top (though you can’t see them in this photo) and titled her page In a Heartbeat.  While I’m not one for truly taking large amounts of time out to go and take nature shots as a hobby, I have indeed tried taking a few and yes it’s in that one heartbeat of a moment where you get one, and I mean one out of a zillion, good shots.  This has to be so exhilarating!  Very worthy of scrapping each and every one.

Products Used:

Heartbeat Borders (2014163)

In a Heartbeat (2014181)

Scribble Circle Stamp (2013383)



Elisabeth’s take on the sketch is playful and fun, just the way she wanted it to be.  She loved the sketch and was looking for a way to make it her own.  I think she a marvelous job of it!  She simply flipped the orientation of the pictures, got busy doing her thing and wound up loving the result!  I think it’s a winner for sure with all that glorious cog confetti, both chippy and stamped, spilling down mixed with the drawn stars and circles from the Random Dot Stencil (2013172). I’m also really diggin’ how she created a more block style to her composition with the large title, smaller titling below, and journaling go down.  That is a way cool look.  As always Elisabthe’s pictures are full of cuteness and she has little bits and bobs tucked amongst them to enhance them and draw your eye to them.  Just a totally magnificent page from top to bottom.

Products Used:

Cogs Stamp (2013284)

Cogs (2007184)

Star Confetti Stencil (2013189)

Random Dots Stencil (2013172)


Dreams ScrapFX Renata Moni

Renata has a beautifully unique take on the sketch.  Putting her fussy master skills to work she has created a lovely page showcasing a picture perfect moment. To set the groundwork for this page Renata used her signature style of placing some black transparency pieces down.  She used some she created and also one of the new pieces ScrapFX offered from the Car Transparency Pack (2014174). This is another one of those brilliant background techniques to get a lot of depth and interest going on without all the bulk for those not interested in bulky pages. ;)

From there she started in on all her luscious layers.  My oh my, there used to be a day when I had patience for fussy cutting, now I farm, LOL.  Okay I kid, but seriously Renata has got mad skills when it comes to fussy cutting those flowers!  She also added in a bit of stencil for interest here too.  The Moroccan Tile stencil (2013352) has been placed on this page as part of the design.  This is definitely something I need to ponder as I know I’ve got oodles of stencils and some of them surely have dust collecting.  Are you guilty of this too?  Perhaps a little stash busting is in order for creative purposes!

Products Used:

{Dreams…. (2014146)

Bunch of Flowers Stamp (2013259)

Moroccan Tile Stencil (2013352)

Car Transparency (2014174)



For my take on the sketch I stuck pretty much right with the design and added in some extra mixed media touches to the background.  This is pretty unusual for me as I normally like to switch up sketches, but I so adore Luckie’s that there isn’t much I wanted to change.  This page documents my baby girl’s concussion she received playing softball.  The latest release of all the medical stuff was actually perfect for my family sadly – ha!  We are a bit of an accident waiting to happen with two very active kids, a hubby that works with police dogs, and well you get the idea. ;)

LifesTough2SSI used the Ripples Stencil (2014155) to start off my background with some paste and went over it with some neon acrylic paint once dried.  I felt like this would give the feeling of being a bit dizzy you know?  To further enhance that feeling I added in some stamping with the Spiral Spots Stamps (2014153).  The Life’s Tough (2014183) chippie was painted black to provide some contrast against all the color going on then splattered with some colored string gel.  I love the messy look it has in real life.  Definitely symbolic of the chaos we were feeling going through this time. The string gel is also used throughout the page in various spots.


Here I used the word Ouch! from the Ouch Pack (2014165) and added in some stars drawn using the Star Confetti Stencil (2013189) as well as a few sequin ones.  This little layered up corned is probably one of my fav spots on the page.


Another chippy from the Ouch Pack (2014165) here along with more hand drawn stars, confetti stars, sequins, and washi.  Just lots of fun little bits to to give some texture, dimension, and interest.  When my girlie saw me scrapping this page she just about died, LOL.  That’s okay.  That’s what moms are for….embarrassment.  She had no problems when I took the picture to begin with but now she is a couple years older and ready to sart high school. Plus she knew this was about to be shared with the world. Teehee, the tragedy of it all.

Products Used:

Spiral Spots Stamps (2014153)

Star Confetti Stencil (2013189)

Ripples Stencil (2014155)

Life’s Tough (2014183)

Ouch Pack (2014165 )

One sketch, five amazingly different takes and I’m sure we could all use this sketch again and still come up with something different.  If you take this sketch and use it, we’d love to see!!  You don’t have to use ScrapFX goodies, but of course when you do it’s all the better!!!!  Be sure to share up your creations on the ScrapFX Facebook Page, one never knows when they might be featured or a prize pack may be given away!!

Take care sweetie peeps and we’ll be back again real soon with another month of inspiration for you!

Life’s Tough By Misty

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Hi everyone!

Misty here again to share yet another art journal spread.  This time I have a start to finish video as well.  So I’m going to keep my commentary short and just let you watch.  :)











This video is a bit longer than I normally post.  Not sure why, but I didn’t speed it up as much as I normally do, so you may need to fast forward through some areas.  ;)



“walking wounded”

“Lifes tough”

Feathered wings

Tyre track stencil

Hash stamps

car transparency

medical transparency

ouch pack

braces border

hand signs

graffiti alphabet

It’s a Boy Thing, by Renata.

by Renata Moni | 2 Comments


My turn to share some projects using the new products.

The first one is a romantic layout where I used the new wordlet ” smile” that is perfect for any kind of project.


Some chipboard feathers and  the bunch of flowers stamp complete the romantic look.


Some details…smile detalhes


And here are the ScrapFX Products used

For the second layout I used the new  CAR TRANSPARENCY that is perfect for boy pages.

The Tyre track stencil was used on the background paper with just with a soft touch of a black ink pad.

I had a picture of my son pretending to drive my car and it was perfect for those products.


I cut  the transparency and used it to embellish my page and my photo. Cool,right?

Here you can see some details.detalhestreet




And here are the ScrapFX Products used



Thanks so much for stopping by!



Stencil Tutorial with Cindy

by Cindy Porter | 7 Comments

Hi everyone, it’s Cindy here with you today, thanks for joining me.

I’d like to share a step by step tutorial I created Layering Stencils to create a page background.


Step 1: To begin you will need two stencils.

Choose a small patterned stencil (I chose the Hexagon Pattern Stencil) and a wide open shaped stencil (I chose the Heart Stencil) 

Lay the small patterned stencil on the page first and the shape stencil over the top as shown below (if you have trouble holding the two stencils, tape them together with some masking tape to hold the position)


Step 2: using modelling paste (or your chosen medium, as this technique will work with texture paste, gel medium, impasto and many other mediums) and carefully fill in the stencil shape, you will need to be a little careful so as not to push paste under the top stencil and loose your shape.


Step 3: carefully remove the stencils one at a time and then repeat steps 1-3 to decorate your background.   


Step 4: Spray your hearts with a Starburst spray in patches (I used Afternoon Delight Denim) 

 and then spritz with water and allow to drip down the page, then dry the page


Step 5: repeat the process using a Moonshadow mist (I used Silhouette Silver)
(Moonshadow mists are walnut ink based sprays, so always have a brown base with a different colour in the shine)


Step 6: use Gelatos to give depth and shadow to your hearts, remember to put dark on the same side of all hearts and light on the opposing side to give highlights and shadows.


Step 7: use a wet paint brush to blend the Gelatos and create shadows and highlights around each heart… this makes the hearts really pop off the page…


 Step 8: I used the Darkroom Door French Script stamp to randomly stamp on the paper around the hearts, this provides a subtle fine pattern to our background. Just look at how 3D those hearts look using the Gelatos provides such depth


Step 9: Now that our background is complete it’s time to finish off our layout… I used the Moonshadow mist to colour the Scrap FX title and embellishments.

 I sprayed some gauze with the Moonshadow mist, inked up some corrugated cardboard, and punched a couple of strips of paper with a paw print punch…. I layered all these items under my furbaby Henri’s photo, he really does have a tough life, lol…
and to finish off I used a flair that I applied a little gesso to the edges so I could ink it up as it was too white for my layout… and here it is..


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that you will give layering of the Scrap FX stencils a try.


Scrap FX Products used:

Heart Stencil
Hexagon Pattern Stencil
Life’s Tough
Fancy Brackets Small



Other Products used:


Lindy’s Stamp Gang: 

Silhouette Silver Moonshadow Mist
Afternoon Delight Denim Starburst Spray 

Faber-Castell Gelatos


Funky Flairs ‘n Flowers:

Captured Flair


till next time

happy creating


With Time, Things Change – A LO and Canvas

by Scarlett | 2 Comments

Howdy ScrapFX Peeps!  Scarlett here today and I’m so elated to be here sharing up a couple projects with you.  Its been a bit and as my post title shares things have been changing around here.  Lots of fun and exciting things happening so I’ll give you a peek inside some of what is new in my world.


My boy has been driving for some time now, but recently he took over my car as his own and man oh man was he ever happy!  He has been wanting it for the longest since it has a good sound system in it – ha!  Its the important things like that that make the car, right?, and since he just graduated high school it seemed like good timing.  This month’s release was also spectacular timing for this page!!


I used the new Tyre Track Stencil (2014177) on my background with some texture paste along with the new Gear Stamps (2014176) and embossing powders. This gave the perfect grungy, car look for the page.  I also added in a bit of additional stamping for some contrast using the Hash Stamps (2014137). I already know these will become quick favorites for background stamping.  So many great uses for adding in texture, don’t you think?


In this shot you can see the gear stamping a bit better and you get another look at the super cool transparency pieces ScrapFX has now!  I thought this Cruisin’ piece from the Car Transparency set (2014174) was perfect since I captured this shot while my boy was driving me around – ahh it is the life when you get to be drove around for your errands, LOL! I love it.

Products Used

Tyre Track Stencil (2014177)

Gear Stamps (2014176)

Hash Stamps (2014137)

Car Transparency (2014174)

My 1st Car (2014180)

In other news around here we started up farming.  We’ve had chooks in the past but we’ve upped our flock to 34 this year, added in a lot more produce, and added some cutie lil’ goats in the mix.  We’ll be bringing on piglets in November if all goes as planned, so be prepared to see lots of farm cuties in the future like this one:


This is Penelope and the moment I saw this chippy I knew it had to go with this crazy photo of her smiling!  I had so much fun creating this canvas scene to set her in using some older favorites of mine along with a couple newer goodies too.


These new word chippies are just amazing and I know I’m not the only one on the team smitten with them.  There are just so many uses for them.  I’m really diggin’ the large font up top with the the perfect print on bottom.  I wanted to leave it raw to compliment the corrugated cardboard on the canvas, but my glitter lovin’ self caved and had to have a bit of sparkle. ;)  On the background here, though it is very hard to tell, I used the new Ripples Stencil (2014155) to create some hill like patterns using a couple shades of yellow mists. This allowed the bottom portion of the canvas to turn a bit green in color since the background was blue.  The Seed Stem Stamp, small (2013252) was dabbed up with two different colors of paint, stamped on sticky back canvas, cut out, and then adhered to the piece.


The leaves were stamped on to watercolor paper using the Leaves A Simple stamp (2013344) and were colored in with NeoColors II.  The clouds were stamped with a hand carved stamped I created using the Clouds and Raindrops Stencil (2012169) as a template.  I really wanted to have a sun on this canvas and the Mini Sun (2013129) was too small in scale to look right by itself.  I didn’t have any larger suns chippy suns on hand and so I thought tucking it in the paperclip sun was quite a cute way to still use the chippy sun I originally had in mind.  My tip to you in this is never give up and try out different options in layering when you want to use something.

Products Used:

Ripples Stencil (2014155)

Seed Stem Stamp, Small (2013252)

Leaves A Simple Stamp (2013344)

Clouds and Raindrops Stencil (2012169)

Mini Suns (2013129)

Field of Flowers Stamp (2013258)

Smile and the World Smiles With You (2014179)

Thanks so much for joining me today and sharing in some of my new haps.  Until next time, take good care!

Titles with Ease!

by Claire Barrin | 1 Comment

Hello dear readers!

Claire here with a few designs.

What I like very much about ScrapFX chippies is that they often subtitute for a title…

Here under are two examples.


First one with the Live Laugh Love chipboard.




item used : Live Laugh Love


Second layout that was perfect with the Movember Chipboard.

This chipboard really is enough of a title, you don’t need much more on you design!



item used : Movember Chipboard


Well thanks for stopping by.

have a nice day.

In a heartbeat (misty russell)

by Misty | 1 Comment

Hi everyone!

Misty here to share a new project with you! This is my first attempt at art journaling. Well…that’s not entirely true I’ve tried one other time but it was REALLY bad, so I never shared.   I tend to alter journals with the full intent of art journaling but never actually do anything with it!  I decided that needed to stop so I will be sharing more art journal pages in the near future.

  This was a lot of fun to make and was also very therapeutic for me.  I really enjoyed the fact that I didn’t have to include a picture and just really have fun creating not even worrying about the results.  I’ve been doing that a lot lately and I’m finding that when I stop “thinking” I seem to like my projects a lot more.

While I didn’t think too much about the actual process of how I created it, this spread does actually have a lot of meaning and emotions poured onto it, but since it is a personal subject for me I decided to keep the journaling private. :)


I started out by using the “tyre track stencil” randomly in the background.  Then I added strips of canvas and misted.


After that I decided to add some random background stamping using the numbers stamp and the chevron spot stamps.


Then finally I added my chipboard.  Don’t you just love the “in a heartbeat” wordlet?  I couldn’t use that wordlet without the heartbeat borders as well as the heart monitor.  I didn’t forget to include the fun chicken wire randomly over the pages either!


Above you can see a closeup of the stenciling and stamping!

That’s it for today! I will have a new video to share nearing the end of the week! Hope you all have had a beautiful and creative weekend and wishing you the best for the new week! <3

Cutest little doctor ever…

by Claire Barrin | 2 Comments

Dear Scrap FX fans,

Claire here to share some designs with some brand new chippies…


This month’s doctor theme was perfect for this picture of my Lili wearing doc outfit.


I really love the detail on the syringe chipboard, don’t you?

luckie-scrapfx-layout2Items used:

Ouch Pack,

Medical Kit


The second layout features my second daughter.

I really fell in love with this Smile and the world smiles with you chipboard.


I also stamped with the Leaves A Simple and watercolour. I outlined it in black to give it more 3D.


Items used:

Smile and the world smiles with you,

Leaves A Simple, stamp.


Last one with some ‘car-theme’ material from this month’s novelties.


for this layout I used the Tyre Track Stencil with watercolours on my background, and a piece of the new Car Transparency.


Finally I tainted the My 1st Car chipboard in white before using it as a title…

luckie-scrapfx-5-5 Item used:

Car Transparency

My 1st Car

Tyre Track Stencil


I hope you enjoyed these.

Have a nice day (:

One For The Boys.

by Elisabeth Bakken | 2 Comments

One for the boys:

With this months ScrapFX-newbies I immediately thought of a boys theme.

With so much cars, tyre tracks and bandages I needed to rough it up.

So here we go, layout first:



I know I did this picture before, and with a cuter touch. This time it got rough,

with the new stencil:

Tyre track stencil.

I also added the

star confetti stencil.

The chipboards are

chicken wire,

leaf buttons and bag of letters.


More pics for you:





To finish the boyish theme this time I made some cards,

and I hope you can appreciate my angle on thisSmilefjes som blunker

For both of my cards I’ve used the Ouch pack.



“Snakes, snails and puppy dog tails”

A birthdaycard for a litle boy;


and the “I love you to bits”:



I hope I was able to inspire this time!

Happy Scrappin’, sweet followers.


Mixed Media Lovelies by Marta

by Marta Lapkowska | 1 Comment

Hello friends ;)

I would love to share with you two of my mixed media projects today. First work is a card. I used Heartbeat Borders chipboard and Tyre Track Stencil.



Heartbeat BordersTyre Track Stencil

My second project is mixed media art journal page. I love creating pages in my journal. I like the freedom of creating, no restrictions and total free mind.

I used my new favourite Tyre Track stencil, Gear stamp and cute wording Smile chpboard.



Tyre Track Stencil Smile and the world smiles with you Gear Stamps

I hope you have enjoyed my works and I will see you soon :)