Haute Couture Dolly Peg Fairies

by Katie Zoey Ho | 1 Comment

Hi Scrappers,

Katie here today sharing something a little different today, some fairy things… The various wings chippies are really a die-for; they look so pretty… And I decided to altered them and use them on the fairies…

These wings are exquisitely hand-paint and plated with dust and gold for this season’s Fairies Haute Couture La Petite Fashion Show… Presenting here are wings specimens ready to be planted onto the fairies…


As little excited as they are, these lovely fairies are all winged-up together with their dresses; all handmade and stitched… Not forgetting those lovely millinery, all harvested from the freshest blooms for this Spring… Oh such little sweeties they are…





I hope this has been an enjoyable one… Last but not the least, smooches from the fairies…

Scrap FX products used:

Flying Kitty ; G45 Artisan Style Scrapbook Layout by Song

by Conghui Li | 1 Comment

Hi friends :)
It’s Song here on ScrapFX today sharing with you the 2 new layouts I created using the new April release.
Oh my oh my, I am in serious love with the new steampunk & wings chippies.
They are just beautiful!
I have a tutorial for the A4 layout as well.




The beautiful big butterfly is from ScrapFX as well.
I have cut it in half and left one half sticking out from the side to create more dimension.








Rose Canvas by Bec

by Rebecca Genet | 2 Comments

Hi everyone, it’s Bec here today sharing with you a canvas I made with some gorgeous Scrap FX products. I’ve had the Brickwork panel in my stash for a while waiting for the right project and it finally came along. I made a start to finish video showing you how I made this canvas – I’m sorry for the length of the video.

Rose canvas 1

Here is my video:

Rose Canvas 2

Rose Canvas 3

Rose Canvas 4

Rose Canvas 5

Rose Canvas 6

Rose Canvas 7

Scrap FX Products Used:

Moroccan Tile Stencil 2013352

Freedom Saying Stencil 2013164

Brickwork 2011173

Ornate Frame 2010065

Padlock & Key Stamp 2013381

Flourish Corners, Mini 2014340

I hope you enjoyed my post, until next time.


Monumental Scrap

by Claire Barrin | 3 Comments

I was deeply honoured to be invited to create again for the Monumental Scrap Exhibition in Version Scrap Paris (main scrapbooking event in Paris).

The concept is quite simple.

Scrap BIG!


So here’s my design. About 1m x 0,7m.

I used several blank canvas that we (DH and I) assembled after I decorated them.


I mainly used Brushos pigment and Neocolor II (and drawing gum) to decorate my backgrounds.

I then applied modeling paste through my Scrap FX stencils, and used Scrap FX stamps with black ink to decorate it.



I used tons of Leaves A Simple, stamps, Seed Stem Stamp, small and Blossom Stem Stamp with felt pens and water, or simply black ink on book pages. I used them to frame my pictures.





Items used:

Stencils: Arrows Stencil, large, Chevron small stencil, Crosswords stencil, Numbers Collage stencil, Random Dots stencil,

Stamps: Blossom Stem Stamp, Chicken Wire Stamp, Harlequin Stamp, Leaves A Simple, stamp, Numbers Stamp, Seed Stem Stamp, small,

Chipboards: B Words, C Words

Family is a Circle of Love…by Elodie

by Elodie Goossens | 2 Comments

Hi crafty friends !

Elodie’s here and today I’d like to share with you my new layout.

For the background of this layout I played with spray ink, Gelato and different acrylic paints and stamps.


I have painted the chipboard with acrylic paint.



Products Used:

Family is a Circle of Love

Mini Feathers

Thanks for stopping by and happy creating !



Brilliant!!!! by Cindy Brown

by Cindy Brown | 2 Comments

Good Morning everyone!

Today I had fun with my favourite stamps and stencils from the Scrap FX range.

I feel so happy to work with such versatile, durable and wonderful products.

And you all know I like to make videos, so  here is a tutorial of how I used the products. So without further ado here is my page:

IMG_1319 copy

….and a few details for you……IMG_1322 copy

IMG_1323 copy

IMG_1326 copy

List of products:

 Blossom stamp 2013256

Damask stencil 2014054

B words 2015008

Thank you all so very much!

For more of my creations here is my blog:


Lastly remember a comment is always appreciated.

Cindy B xxx

Flying with Riikka

by Riikka Kovasin | 3 Comments

Hi everyone it’s Riikka.

This month the new release is all about flying stuff – feathers, butterflies and even those lovely seed spores! I came up with two very different pages – one is light and sweet and the other one more steampunk styled and rough.



The first page is done around a photo taken last summer of my younger daughter. The butterflies and the seed spores set my mind to summer, light nights and strawberries. I used a pink color scheme and started the page by stamping hearts with a foam stamp. Instead of ink I used a Gelatos crayon with metallic shimmer. On top of the stamped background I then layered some pieces of patterned paper and used the butterfly shape in the middle of the layers.


The title is done using a wonderful wordlet “Believe”. I covered the upper part of the chipboard with Liquid Pearls. The bottom part is “white washed” by using a white Gelatos crayon. The heart shaped button in the side of the photo got the same treatment. The flying seed spores got a coat of embossing powder. A few of the seeds turned white, a few pink and one pale purple.


Products from Scrap FX:

2015042 Butterfly Book Paper

2015054 Seed Spores

2014145 {Believe…

2014213 Heart Spangles Stamp

2008083 Buttons – heart


Then to the more rough piece. This time it’s about flying and soaring of ideas and inspiration. The cicada wings had a steampunk vibe to me so I decided to use a photo of my metal embellishments as the vocal point and go with the flow. To emphasize the feeling I used a brown color scheme and added metallics and black in there.

I started the page by using the moth stencil two ways – as a mask and also as a stamp. I also stamped some hot air balloons in there and added little drawn dots to the background as well. On top I again layered the patterned papers and a load of chipboards and other embellishments.


For this page I kept the chipboard shapes in their natural color as the brown natural look fitted the style well. The shade makes me think about corrugated cardboard. The other possibility would have been to turn the chippies into metal with embossing powders.

Thank you for stopping by today! Let the inspiration soar! Until next time!


Materials from Scrap FX:

2015058 Majestic Moth Stencil

2015056 Hot Air Balloon stamp

2015043 Cicada Wings Small

2015054 Seed Spores

2015036 Feather Drawing

2011055 Clockface, gears/steampunk

2013172 Random Dots Stencil


Shabby chic notebook with Irina Gerschuk

by Irina Gerschuk | 4 Comments

Hi my friends!
It’s Irina Gerschuk with you today and I’d like to share with you my new soft notebook made from scratch:

Products used:

Some close-ups:
I’ve distressed the paper before I I stitched it into a notebook


I covered the floral chipboard with the shabby-effect embossing powder and then highlighted it with a rhinestone:

The chipboard wing was also covered with shabby-effect embossing powder. After I glued it to the cover of the notebook I sprinkled it randomly with glitter.

I’ve stamped randomly the pages with a swirl stamp:

The final touch was the bookmark with beads and trinket:

Thank you for stopping by!
Have a lovely day)))



Make a Wish

by Arantzazu Sangrador | 3 Comments

Hi everyone!!!

Arantzazu here sharing two layouts!

When I saw the new chipboards, I thought about dreams, wishes & fairy tales …
so my first project is called make a wish!
It ‘s like a dream come true … that’s what I wanted to represent

2015-04-10 20.02.08

2015-04-10 20.04.02


2015-04-10 20.05.04


products used:

Seed spores

Living the dream

In the second one, I was inspired by the spring sunsets , in which you can lie in the field and the breeze moves the flowers around, the butterflies pass around you …. I love those peace moments .

2015-04-10 20.15.25

2015-04-10 20.16.21


2015-04-10 20.17.06products used:

wind beneath my wings

majestic moth stencil

fairy wings

Steampunk Curiosity; An Altered Eyeglass Case

by Katie Zoey Ho | 4 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Katie here today sharing another steampunk altered project… For this time round, it’s an altered eyeglass case… Though it’s a simple black case, I find it rather uninteresting and decided to transform it… Since I have a steampunk mobile case, why not another steampunk eyeglass case…

This time round, I’m using glitter on the chippies and build them up with more dimensions…




Scrap FX products used: